Panther Retrieval Adventure

2003-12-13_22-47-32.jpg 2003-12-13_23-04-03.jpg 2003-12-14_01-48-57.jpg 2003-12-14_08-44-19.jpg
On the trailer in Kiel And one in the van My hotel room in Neenah :) WOOHOO!!!
2003-12-14_12-45-59.jpg 2003-12-14_12-46-13.jpg 2003-12-14_13-34-33.jpg 2003-12-15_11-05-48.jpg
It's nice seeing sleds in the rear-view Whoa! A Spitfire! Look at those Cragers!
2003-12-15_12-11-20.jpg 2003-12-15_16-18-20.jpg 2003-12-15_16-18-33.jpg 2003-12-15_16-19-09.jpg
I managed to pull it out by myself and without damaging the car or sled Our awesome back yard Three Pretty Panthers - All In A Row
2003-12-15_16-19-55.jpg 2003-12-15_16-20-07.jpg 2003-12-15_16-20-19.jpg 2003-12-15_16-20-31.jpg
2003-12-15_16-20-48.jpg 2003-12-15_16-21-00.jpg 2003-12-15_16-21-10.jpg 2003-12-15_16-21-23.jpg
Nice repair job...
2003-12-15_16-21-31.jpg 2003-12-15_16-22-00.jpg 2003-12-15_16-30-59.jpg 2003-12-16_16-01-24.jpg
The 1970's seat

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