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1982-11-26   Freeport Zone, Jamaica   World Music Festival, Montego Bay   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   M>CASS>D>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Mastered by Jay Serafin.


1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: The Beatles - Complete Christmas Collection 1963-1969. Yellow Dog Records.

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Songs For Eleanor - Silent Sea

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: The Beatles - Anthology Extra - OMI

1901-01-01   Various   Various   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Revolution - Vigotone

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Abbey Road Video Show - Strawberry Records

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Nothing Is Real (The Making Of Strawberry Fields Forever). Dialogue, Demo, Demo, Demo, Take 1, Take 2, Take 3, Take 4, Take 6, Take 7, Backward Talk, Backing Track, Alternate Mix, Regular, Home Recording

1964-08-23   Los Angeles, CA   Hollywood Bowl   Pro   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Complete Hollywood Bowl Concerts - Repro Man

1965-01-01   London, England      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Rubber Soul Outtakes

1966-01-01   London, England      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "The Alternate Revolver."

1968-01-01   1968 Demos      AUD   CD   1 disc   varies      Print Label
         Comments: "The 1968 Demos" - Various White Album demos. (1) Recorded at George's house - late May 1968 (2) Various John demos May-Dec 1968

1968-01-01   Unplugged   White Album Demos   Studio   CD   1 disc   varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Unplugged" - various White Album demos

1968-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "White Album Mono Mixes" plus some misc. outtakes

1969-01-01   Abbey Road Studios      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "The Alternate Abbey Road"

1969-01-01   London, England   Abbey Road Studios   Studio   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: White Album Sessions. Various rehearsals, outtakes, television performances. Quality varies.

1969-01-01   London, England   Abbey Road Studios   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Complete Rooftop Concert Outtakes."

1969-01-01   London, England   Abbey Road Studios   Studio   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Last Year."

1969-01-01   London, England   Twickenham Studios   Studio   CD   17 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Thirty Days." Awesome collection of Beatles sessions from January '69. See:

1969-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Let It Be - The Glyn Johns Final Compilation - Vigotone


1993-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Debut-era B-Sides. 01. (Human Behaviour - Japanese Debut), 02. (Non-Toilet) (Venus As A Boy), 03. (Venus As A Boy), 04. (Venus As A Boy), 05. (Big Time Sensuality), 06. (Big Time Sensuality), 07. (Live @ Planeta Rock October 13th 1993) (Violently Happy), 08. (Live @ Planeta Rock October 13th 1993) (Violently Happy), 09. (Live @ Planeta Rock October 13th 1993) (Violently Happy), 10. (Hector Zazou: Songs From The Cold Sea)

1993-11-19   Los Angeles, CA      AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: LIVE STORM LSCD 51579

1999-12-09   London, England   The Union Chapel   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Like Someone In Love." Björk and the Brodsky Quartet. AWESOME.

2001-10-08   Toronto, Ontario, Canada   The Hummingbird Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Very clear but lacking in bass. Source: Core Sound Stealth Cardioid> Sony PCM-M1, Transfer: Sony SDT-9000> Vdat> WAV> Samplitude 24/96 (resample to 44.1khz)> mkwACT> SHN V.3

2001-10-14   Chicago, IL   Civic Opera House   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label

Black Sabbath

1974-04-06   Ontario Motor Speedway   California Jam   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Bagdad"


1969-02-22   Boston, MA   Boston Tea Party   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label


2001-09-03   Seattle, WA   Bumbershoot Festival   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Great clear audience tape, but there's a lot of noise from an unruly crowd. Otherwise great.

2002-02-05   Louisville, KY   Palace Theater   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   DPA 4060>MPS6030>M1   Print Label

2002-02-06   Asheville, NC   Asheville Civic Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label

Cash, Johnny

1901-01-01   Radio Shows      Pro   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Sound has a bit of a digital screech to it. The final track, which is a radio drama with Johnny as an actor as well as singer, is very cool.

1901-01-01   Sun and Columbia Studios      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Sun/Columbia Outtakes '54-'69. Awesome.

1964-07-26   Newport, RI   Newport Folk Festival   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome. Pete Seeger introduces Johnny.

1968-05-01   London, England   BBC Studios   Pro   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Live radio broadcast with Carl Perkins and June Carter. This was transferred from an unknown gen cassette. If anyone has an upgrade, let me know.

1969-01-01   Dylan/Cash Sessions      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: (1) Columbia Records Studio (Nashville, TN); February 17-18, 1969 (2) Johnny Cash Show (Nashville, TN); May 1, 1969 (3) Nashville Skyline quadrophonic mixes Awesome stuff. (also under Bob Dylan)

1969-05-01   The Johnny Cash Show   CBS and ABC TV   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: From The Johnny Cash Show. Also under Dylan, Bob.

1993-05-17   Los Angeles, CA   Rick Rubin's Living Room   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Unsurpassed American Recordings." There are 24 tracks on the original, but only 18 on my disc. 1-15: 5/17 - 5/20/93 Rick Rubin's Living Room. 16: Pantages Theater 1/7/95. 17-18: 9/2/95 Cleveland Municipal Stadium.

1993-05-17   Los Angeles, CA   Rick Rubin's Living Room   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "American Outtakes"

Claypool, Les's Fearless Flying Frog Brigade

2000-08-30   Washington, DC   9:30 Club   AUD   CD   2 discs   E-   DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: They play the entire Pink Floyd Animals album.

2000-09-02   Turin, NY   moe.down, Snow Ridge Ski Area   AUD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

2000-09-29   Las Vegas, NV   House Of Blues   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: *Oysterhead (Trey Anastasio, Les Claypool, and Stuart Copeland), **w/ entire Frog Brigade and Oysterhead

2001-02-16   New York, NY   Roseland Ballroom   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Levels too low, but pretty clear.

2001-07-18   Atlanta, GA   Variety Playhouse   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Source : cmc6/mk21>ad1k>d8 ( bout 25 feet back fob dfc)

2001-07-20   Orlando, FL   The House of Blues at Disney World   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: SOURCE:Schoeps CMC6/4V's>Apogee AD-1000>Sony D-8, DAT CLONING:Sony D-8>Oade's active 7 pin>Sony 7 pin>Sony D-8, DAT>SHN:Tascam DA-20>COAX>WAV>CDWAV>SHN

2001-07-24   Cananadaigua, NY   Finger Lakes PAC   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: FOB MBHO603/200>MP2>DA-P1>D8 [@44.1](master copy), Transfer: Tascam 302>Coax Cable>MAudio Dio 24/48>CDWav>.SHN. Opening for Phil Lesh and Friends.

2002-05-03   New Orleans, LA   State Palace Theater   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: *w/Warren Haynes; tapers:mikey.k/chad.p, mics: schoeps mk21's>kc5's>cmc6's>ad1000>sony tcd8.@44.1khz's(master dat), transfer:dat master in da20mkII>rme96/8pr0>cd wave(recording/tracking)>mkw>shn.(seekable shn's)

2002-06-21   Manchester, TN   The Stadium   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT > CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Bonnaroo Festival. Awesome show. Taper: Boogie Shafer, Location: FOB, Left @ ~75' from stack, Source: AT831's > SP SB-2 > Sony PCM-M1 @ 44.1kHz, Transfer: Fostex D-5 > M-Audio DiO 2448 > Sound Forge 6.0 > WAV @ 44.1kHz, Editing/Tracking: Sound Forge 6.0 / CD Wave 1.71 (no resample), Conversion: WAV > shntool 1.01 > WAV > mkw 0.97beta1 > SHN (no DAE)

Claypool, Les's Rat Brigade

2000-06-24   Bridgeport, CT   Gathering Of The Vibes   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD > DA-P1   Print Label
         Comments: DA-302 > Turtle Beach Fiji (S/PDIF) > Sound forge 4.5 > CDwave > SHN , *Bob Weir sat in with Les Claypool's Rat Brigade **Wasserman and Les Claypool *** Les Claypool sat in with Ratdog, Les Claypool's Rat Brigade: disk 1, Bob Weir (Ratdog): disk 2,3

Col. Claypool's Bucket Of Bernie Brains

2002-06-22   Manchester Tennessee   Bonnaroo Festival, Ballroom Tent   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Les, Herb, Buckethead, and Bernie Worrel. Don't ask me what the titles of the songs are. Source: FOB Neumann TLM170(hyper)>Apogee AD1000@48K by Johnny Schuster, Transfer: master DAT>s/pdif>vx pocket>soundforge 5.0> resample to 44.1 using highest quality (4/4) and anti-alias filter>cdwav>shn

Coltrane, John

1962-11-28   Stefaniensaal, Graz, Austria   Radio Broadcast   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1965-07-27   Antibes, France   Juan-Les-Pins Jazz Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label


1900-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: 1 - Recorded with Cream at the Ricky Tick Club, Hounslow, UK on 15/01/67 - sb5 2 - Cream at Klooks Kleet, West Hampstead, London on 15/11/66 - sb4. 3 - Recorded with the Yardbirds, Spencer Davis Quartet, and Liverpool Roadrunners at the Town Hall, Birmingham on 20/02/64 - sb5 4 - Recorded with the Yardbirds, "Go tell it on the mountain" tv show in the Spring of 1964 - sb5. 1&2 EC/Jack Bruce (Bass)/Ginger Baker (Drums) 3 Yardbirds: EC/Paul Samueli-Smith (bass)/Chris Dreja (Guitar)/ Jim McCartney (drums); Spencer Davis Quartet: Stevie Winwood (organ)/ Muff Winwood (bass)/Pete York (percussion); Liverpool Roadrunners: Long John baldry (organ)/Rod Stewart (vocals)/Ian Armit (piano)/ Jeff Bradford (guitar)/Cliff Barton (bass)/Billy Law (drums) 4 EC/Paul Samueli-Smith (bass)/Chris Dreja (Guitar)/Jim McCartney (drums) 1 Sunshine of Your Love/Hey Lawdy Mama/Sweet Wine/Rollin' and Tumblin'/Spoonful(inc)/Sitting on Top of the World(inc)/Toad(inc) 2 Hey Lawdy Mama/Meet Me in the Bottom/Crossroads/Stepping Out/ 3 Got My Mojo Working 4 Louise

1967-11-14   Various   Various   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Live In Europe" Has a few weird static spots which may be on the original silvers. Disc 1: 1,2: The Revolution Club, London, Dec. 67; 3: BBC TV 11/26/67; 4-8 Unknown Venue Oct-Nov 67; 1-3 remastered from Fresh Live Cream Video; Disc 2: 9: The Revolution Club, Dec 1967

1968-08-01   San Francsico, CA   Fillmore West   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: "San Francisco Chronicle" - August 1968.

1968-10-04   Oakland, CA   Alameda County Coliseum   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: * released on Live Cream II

1968-11-08   Detroit, MI   Grande Ballroom   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Dazed And Cream." Jack's vocals are only in the right channel. Last 3 tracks are from 3/10/68, Winterland.

Crosby, Nash & Young

1972-03-26   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Has some static in a few places.

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young

1969-09-13   Monterey, CA   Big Sur Folk Festival   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label

1969-12-14   Detroit, MI   Masonic Temple   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1969-12-14   Detroit, MI   Masonic Temple   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Source 1: 12/14/69, Source 2: ?, Source 3: 1-800-FOR-KIDS benefit. 1 and 3 are E, 2 is VG.

1970-06-30   Lakehurst, NJ      SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label


1984-11-15   Washington, DC   Post Pavilion   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Cold." FM Broadcast.

Davis, Miles

1960-04-09   Kurhaus, Scheveningen, The Netherlands   VARA Radio Broadcast   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label


1900-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Outtakes and rehearsals from The Soft Parade sessions

1901-01-01   Varies   Varies   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Bright Midnight Sampler"

1901-01-01   Varies   Varies   Pro   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Liberation." 1,4+5=Critique, PBS TV Show, WNET, New York, May 13th, 1969; 2=recording session, spring 1968 (exact date unknown); 3=official CD Waiting For The Sun, digitally remastered version with just one vocal track; 6-9=Copenhagen TV Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, September 17th, 1968; 10=from the official album Waiting For The Sun; 11+12=Center Coliseum, Seattle, June 5th, 1970; 13=Feast Of Friends movie, 1968; 14=Demo Acetate, World Pacific Studios, Los Angeles, September 2nd, 1965; 15=Now Explosion CBC TV Show, O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada, August 8th, 1967. Tracks 1,2,4,5,10+13 were copied from the official video The Soft Parade; track 6+7 are from the official albums Alive She Cried and/or In Concert; all other tracks copied from other bootlegs.

1901-01-01   Varies   Varies   Pro   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Love Me Tender." 1= outtake from Morrison Hotel sessions; 2-10= outtakes from The Soft Parade sessions; 11= Center Coliseum, Seattle, June 5th, 1970, taken from bootleg LP Someday Soon, incomplete with crackles; 12= from Jim's poetry session, Sunset Sound Studios, March 1969, copied from bootleg CD Orange County Suite (Document Records DR 019), incomplete; 13= from digitally remastered US CD Waiting For The Sun, incomplete.

1901-01-01   Studio and Paris      Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "The Lost Paris Tapes." All one track. I.: Jim Morrison's first poetry session, Los Angeles, Elektra Sound Studios, March 1969 and II.: Jim Morrison's (presumably) last recording session recorded at a professional recording studio, Paris, mid-June 1971, with two unknown street musicians.

1901-01-01   Varies   Varies   Pro   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: This was sent to me labeled as "The Lost Paris Tapes," though it doesn't match the bootleg of the same name. I have no idea what the first two tracks are.

1901-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Various Doors demos. Some without Robbie and with Ray's brother. Great stuff.

1967-03-07   San Francisco, CA   Matric Club   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label

1967-03-10   San Francisco, CA   Matrix Club   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label

1967-03-10   San Francisco, CA   Matrix Club   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "The Matrix Tapes" - Swinging Pig

1967-10-11   Danbury, CT   Danbury High School Gym   SBD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label

1967-12-16   San Bernardino, CA   And More   AUD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Down The Rivers And Highways." Pretty lame bootleg. Quality varies from G- to G+. 12/16/67 sounds like SBD, but distorted.

1967-12-26   San Francisco, CA   Winterland   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label

1967-12-26   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Has a few cuts

1967-12-26   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: Lots of tape hiss and some cuts and skips. Marked as 12/26 and 12/28. Quality ranges from G- to VG. Possibly MP3 sourced. Crappy.

1968-02-08      Singer Bowl   AUD   CD   1 disc   G-      Print Label
         Comments: Lots of tape hiss.

1968-03-17   Boston, MA   Back Bay Theater   AUD   CD   1 disc   G-      Print Label
         Comments: Has some flaws (not CD-R pops, but some kind of external noise) and the sound flutters on "The End," which also has a cut

1968-07-05   Hollywood, CA   Hollywood, CA   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Hollywood Bowl Unreleased

1968-07-05   Los Angeles, CA   Hollywood Bowl   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Hollywood Bowl Unreleased"

1968-07-09   Dallas, TX      AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label
         Comments: Gaps between tracks

1968-09-07   London, England   Roundhouse Theater   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label

1968-09-14   Frankfurt, Germany   Kongresshalle   AUD   CD   1 disc   F+      Print Label
         Comments: Distant sound

1968-09-15   Amsterdam, Netherlands   Koncertgebouwe   AUD   CD   1 disc   F      Print Label
         Comments: Jim is not present at this show - Ray sings. Missing Unknown Soldier.

1968-09-17   Copenhagen, Denmark      SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Copenhagen TV Special

1968-09-20   Stockholm, Sweden   Konserthuset   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Great sound, though may play just a little fast(?). This is from the second show, though "The End" is from the first.

1968-09-20   Stockholm, Sweden   Konserthuset   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Live In Stockholm."

1968-09-20   Stockholm, Sweden   Konserthuset   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Apocalypse Now" - Best sounding version of this show. 1-11 are from the second show (complete), and 12 is from the first.

1968-12-14   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: Has lots of faint ticks and digital disturbances. Taken from MP3s? Avoid this one.

1969-01-24   New York, NY   Madison Square Garden   AUD   CD   1 disc   G-      Print Label
         Comments: Distant, distorted sound.

1969-03-01   Miami, FL   Dinner Key Auditorium   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Not quite the complete show (Break On Through and a little of Jim's ranting is cut), but this is a very infamous show. Jim is drunk and rambling about everything, and was later arrested for allegedly exposing himself. Very interesting.

1969-05-13   New York, NY   WNET PBS TV   Studio   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "T.V. Eye" 1-5=Critique Show, PBS TV, WNET, New York, May 13th, 1969 (cover says May 23rd, but this was the day of the broadcast); 6=Now Explosion, CBC TV Show, O'Keefe Centre, Toronto, Canada, August 8th, 1967; 7+8=Matrix Club, San Francisco, March 7th, 1967, cover says Avalon Ballroom, San Francisco, April 15th, 1967, which is not true and makes sure these two tracks were copies from the CD Toronto Popfestival 1969 Plus Other Rarities (Too Drunk To Fuck TDTF 002); 9+10=Jonathan Winters TV Show, CBS Studios, Los Angeles, December 27th, 1967, cover says US T.V."Smothers Brothers" 1967, which is not true.

1969-07-21   Los Angeles, CA   Aquarius Theatre   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: I have no idea about this one. The first track is a rather bad sounding audience recording, but the rest are pro quality. Gloria is the same as on "Alive, She Cried."

1969-09-13   Toronto, CA   Toronto Popfestival, Varsity Stadium   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Beautiful Die Young." Runs slow. Very clear, dynamic sound for an AUD.

1969-09-13   Toronto, Canada   Toronto Popfestival, Varsity Stadium   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "In Mexico" It's not really from Mexico, but that's what the boot is called. Poor transfer from a high gen tape.

1970-01-17   New York, NY   Felt Forum   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Late show. Good performance. Nice sound.

1970-01-17   New York, NY   Felt Forum   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Combo of both early and late shows

1970-01-18   New York, NY   Felt Forum   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Has track point errors. I'm working on getting a new copy.

1970-02-07   Long Beach, CA   Long Beach Arena   SBD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: Complete show

1970-05-08   Detroit, MI   Cobo Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   multitrack master>CD   Print Label
         Comments: "Live In Detroit" - Bright Midnight Records

1970-06-05   Seattle, WA   Center Coliseum   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Jim's Alive"

1970-06-06   Vancouver, BC, CA   Pacific National Exhibition Colliseum   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "One Hundred Minutes." Disc One= Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, June 6th, 1970. Disc Two: tracks 1-3= Pacific National Exhibition Coliseum, Vancouver, Canada, June 6th, 1970; tracks 4-8= Chicago Auditorium Theatre, Chicago, IL, USA, November 9, 1968

1970-08-29   England   Isle Of Wight   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1970-12-11   Dallas, TX   State Fair Music Hall   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: Last circulating show with Jim - second to last show with Jim ever.

1972-03-12   Tampa, FL   Ft. Homer Hesterly Armory   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: Post-Morrison show.

1972-05-03   Studio   Radio Bremen   Pro   CD   1 disc   E-VG      Print Label
         Comments: "TV Bleeding." 1-7=Different studio mixes from a first class tape. (1=No drums, no second voice; 2=No drums, no guitar solo; 3=No reverb, no drums, no tambourine, no guitars; 4=No drums; 5.No second voice, no echo, no drums; 6.different bass sound. The mixes were done for the The Best Of The Doors vinyl Quadrodisc.) 8-14=Beat Club, Beat Workshop, TV Studio at Radio Bremen, Bremen, West Germany, May 3rd, 1972, without Jim Morrison.

1972-08-21   New York, NY   Wollman Memorial Rink - Central Park   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label
         Comments: Post-Morrison show

Dylan, Bob

1074-01-01   Various   Various   AUD   CD   3 discs   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: '74 Compilation. * MONO "Before The Flood" track taken from radio promo 45 RPM record. ** Taken from the "Before The Flood" Rough Mix tapes. *** Never before booted soundboard tape.

1961-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   2 discs   E/VG+   Varies   Print Label
         Comments: 11-4-61 Carnegie Chapter Hall --> 1st generation, 12-22-61 Bonnie Beacher's Apartment--> 1st generation reel, Leeds Demos Feb 62. From

1962-01-01   New York, NY   Freewheelin' Bob Dylan sessions   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan Outtakes"

1962-01-01   New York, NY   Studio   Studio   CD   2 discs   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "The Witmark Demos" - Off Beat Records

1962-03-11   New York, NY   Cynthia Gooding Radio Show   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Amazing. Brings a tear to the eye. "Folksinger's Choice"

1962-07-02   Montreal, Quebec   Finjan Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: This may be a really excellent audience recording - like right on the stage next to Bob. Hard to tell. At any rate, it sounds really good. Nice intimate performance. It sounds like there's about 10 people in the audience.

1962-10-01   New York, NY   Gaslight Cafe   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Exact date unknown - October '62. "Gaslight Tapes."

1963-04-12   New York, NY   Town Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Track #1-10,12-15: Town Hall 4/12/63 Track #11: Carnegie Hall 4/26/63 Track #16: "Blonde on Blonde" session; Nashville, TN; 2/15/66 Track #17: from a British radio commercial, reportedly 1963 Does not contain the complete Town Hall concert - omits "Hard Rain" and "Hollis Brown"

1963-05-03   Chicago, IL   Studs Terkel's Wax Museum - WFMT Radio   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Studs Terkel's Wax Museum"

1963-10-26      Town Hall and Carnegie Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "In Concert" - Unreleased Columbia album compiled from Town Hall April 12, 1963 (Tracks 1-10) and Carnegie Hall October 26, 1963 (10-16)

1964-10-31   New York, NY   Philharmonic Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "All Hallows Eve and More" - Last 3 songs from Broadside Radio Broadcast (WBAI-FM, New York, NY); May 1962. This is one of my all time favorites. The concert is superb, and the radio broadcast is wonderful - Pete Seeger interview's Bob, and sings Blowin' In The Wind with him.

1965-01-01   Various   Studio Outtakes   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Thin Wild Mercury Music" - (1-2) Bringing It All Back Home sessions (New York, NY); January 14-15, 1965/ (3) Hawks session (New York, NY); November 30, 1965 / (4) Highway 61 Revisited sessions (New York, NY); July 30, 1965/ (5) Bringing It All Back Home sessions (New York, NY); January 14, 1965 / (6-7) Hawks session (New York, NY); October 5, 1965/ (8) Blonde On Blonde session (Nashville, TN); February 15, 1966/ (9) Bringing It All Back Home sessions (New York, NY); January 14, 1965/ (10) Highway 61 Revisited sessions (New York, NY); June 16 - July 30, 1965/ (11) Hawks session (New York, NY); October 5, 1965/ (12) Hawks session (New York, NY); January 21, 1966/ (13) Hawks session (New York, NY); October 5, 1965/ (14) Highway 61 Revisited sessions (New York, NY); July 30, 1965/ (15) Hawks session (New York, NY); November 30, 1965/ (16) Hawks session (New York, NY); January 21, 1966/ (17-18) Levy's Recording Studio (London, UK); May 12, 1965

1965-01-01   Newport, City Hall, Hollywood Bowl      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Folk Rogue"

1965-01-01   New York, NY   Columbia Studios   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Highway 61 Revisted Again" Recorded at Columbia Studios, NYC, June through August 1965.

1965-05-07   Manchester, UK   Free Trade Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Now's The Time For Your Tears." Has a few pops - on original?

1965-09-03   Los Angeles, CA   Hollywood Bowl   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label

1966-02-05   White Plains, NY   Westchester Country Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   P      Print Label
         Comments: Distorted, distant sound.

1966-02-05   White Plains, NY   Westchester Country Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   F      Print Label
         Comments: Has a couple of digital ticks.

1966-02-06   Pittsburgh, PA   Syria Mosque   AUD   CD   1 disc   P+      Print Label
         Comments: Very quiet, distant sound. From vinyl.

1966-02-06   Pittsburgh, PA   Syria Mosque   AUD   CD   1 disc   F      Print Label
         Comments: Has some digital ticks.

1966-04-13   Sydney, Australia   Sydney Stadium   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1966-04-20   Melbourne, Australia   Fesitval Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1966-05-17   Manchester, England   Free Trade Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1967-01-01   Woodstock, NY      Studio   CD   5 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Genuine Basement Tapes" - Dylan and The Band.

1969-01-01   Dylan/Cash Sessions      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: (1) Columbia Records Studio (Nashville, TN); February 17-18, 1969 (2) Johnny Cash Show (Nashville, TN); May 1, 1969 (3) Nashville Skyline quadrophonic mixes Really awesome stuff. (also under Cash, Johnny)

1969-05-01   The Johnny Cash Show   CBS and ABC TV   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: From The Johnny Cash Show. Also under Cash, Johnny.

1974-09-01   New York, NY   Columbia Records Studio A   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "BLOOD ON THE TRACKS - NEW YORK SESSIONS" - Scorpio

1978-11-15   Inglewood, CA   L.A. Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Originally recorded on a UHER 240 Stereo Porta Deck with 2 Sennheiser MKH 404 Mics.

1978-11-15   Inglewood, CA   The Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: From Originally recorded on a UHER 240 Stereo Porta Deck with 2 Sennheiser MKH 404 Mics. Donated to the tree by toadismckeever.

1987-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Dylan and The Dead Rehearsal.

Garcia, Jerry

1963-02-23   Palo Alto, CA   Top Of The Tangent   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG   reel2>fm>cass>dat>cd   Print Label
         Comments: This is a band called the Wildwood Boys. Jarry Garcia - guitar, banjo, vocals; David Nelson - guitar; Robert Hunter - bass, guitar; Norm Van Mastricht - bass, guitar, dobro

1969-02-19   San Francisco, CA   The Matrix   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG   SBD>?>PCM>WAV>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Jerry Garcia (banjo), David Nelson, and Frank Wakefield

1969-10-28   San Francisco, CA   2400 Fulton Street (JA House)   Studio   CD   1 disc   E   M>Cass>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Jerry Garcia - Guitar, Jorma Kaukonen - Guitar, Jack Cassady - Bass, Mickey Hart - Percussion, Spencer Dryden - Percussion

1971-09-24   San Anselmo, CA   The Lion Share   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   M>Cass>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Sony PCM-M1@44.1 -> Digidedesign 001 Optical S/PDIF -> HD as Sound Designer 2 @44.1 -> Pro Tools LE (Tracked, and converted to Wave) -> SHN, Filler was recorded to HD @48 and downsampled in Pro Tools LE to 44.1 - Personnel: Jerry Garcia (Guitar, Vocals), Merl Saunders (Keyboards, Vocals), John Kahn (Bass), Bill Vitt (Drums), Tom Fogerty (Rhythm Guitar, Vocals)

1982-05-05   Salem, OR   Oregon State Prison   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Nice solo acoustic set.

1984-06-03   San Francisco, CA   Kabuki Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Gracia / Kahn

1985-10-16   Santa Cruz, CA   The Catalyst Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Nice show

1995-01-01   Jerry's House      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Knockin' On Heaven's Door." Track listing isn't entirely correct.

Garcia, Jerry and David Grisman

1991-02-03   San Francisco, CA   The Warfield Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>DAT>ZA2>SHN   Print Label
         Comments: Slight smear at approx 21:19 on master and glitch at 55:45 both on master.

1991-08-25   Squaw Valley, CA   Goldcoast Concert Bowl   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MSD>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: (1) With Bela Fleck. The wind noise is very noticeable, even in the SBD tapes.

1991-12-08   San Francisco, CA   Warfield Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD > DAT > CDR   Print Label
         Comments: (1) Just Jerry and David, (2) Garcia & Grisman both on banjo. Chris Ladner writes: "Flaws: first couple o' notes in an otherwise spectacular, soul-penetrating Red Rockin' Chair" and man is he right. Jerry's voice is spine-tingling. Absolutely stunning show. One of my all-time favorites.


1981-01-01   Boston, MA   Club Metro   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Radio broadcast.

1984-01-08   Los Angeles, CA   The Greek Theater   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Radio broadcast. 8/84.

Grateful Dead

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E   Reel > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Wake Of The Flood Outtakes. Source: Betty Cantor reels > PCM > DAT > DIO 2448 > SHN

1965-11-03   Warlocks Demos      Studio   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Warlocks demos. On disc with GD 1/8/66.

1966-01-08   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Fillmore Acid Test. On disc with 11/3/65 Warlocks Demos. Sound is a bit garbled on last 2 tracks.

1966-02-25   Los Angeles, CA   Ivar Theatre   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-   MR>DATx>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Tracks 1-8 are reportedly from 2/25/66 Ivar Theater, Los Angeles. Track 9 From late summmer 66. Tracks 10-12 from mid-to-late 66

1966-03-25   Los Angeles, CA   Troupers Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   S:MR>DAT>ZA2>CD   Print Label

1966-07-16   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: The date is questionable as has no listing for a show on this date.

1966-07-17   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>RTR>PCM>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Mastered by Jay Serafin.

1966-11-19   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Date is questionable as has no listing for a show on this date.

1967-11-10   Los Angeles, CA   Shrine Auditorium   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MR>R>DAT>CD   Print Label

1967-11-11   Los Angeles, CA   Shrine Auditorium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-   MSR>R>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1968-02-14   San Francisco, CA   Carousel Ballroom   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MR>DAT>DAT>CD   Print Label

1968-09-02   Sultan, WA   Betty Nelson's Organic Rasberry Farm   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>Reel>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1968-10-13   San Francisco, CA   Avalon Ballroom   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Defects: d1t01 0:02-0:04 - fluttering ticks (Dark Star), d1t01 0:58-1:00 - left channel dropout, d1t01 1:00-1:01 - right channel dropout, d1t01 1:00-2:42 - slightly degraded sound?, d1t01 8:44-9:19 - intermittent quiet noise in left channel, d1t01 10:23, 10:27 - static in left channel, d1t02 0:00 - pop in right channel (Stephen), d1t02 0:03, 0:04 - click in right channel, d1t02 0:08 - quiet static in left channel, d1t02 2:59 - quiet static in left channel, d1t02 3:16 - splice, d1t03 12:28 - splice (or click?) (Eleven), d1t11 1:23 - pop (not part of the feedback?) (Feedback)

1968-12-29   Hallandale, FL   Gulfstream Park Race Track   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   MSC>D>CD   Print Label

1969-01-24   San Francisco, CA   Avalon Ballroom   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   MSR>C>DAT>CD   Print Label

1969-01-25   San Francisco, CA   Avalon Ballroom   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   ?   Print Label
         Comments: From etree. Pretty sloppy show. Second set only.

1969-02-26   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: From "Dead Don't Have No Mercy" boot. Requires one 70 min disc. I have the bootleg artwork.

1969-02-27   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   Reel>Dat>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent sound and great show. Mastered by Jay Serafin. LINEAGE: RTR > MCS DAT > SSSB. All editing performed @ 32-bit/96 kHz sampling at Serafin Station Studio B using the "Harpoon" (code name, closed beta testing) professional editing software.

1969-03-01   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   16 Track>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-04-05   San Francisco, CA   Avalon Ballroom   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>REEL2>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-04-21   Boston, MA   The Ark   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MSR > DAT > CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Updated possible gen: MSR> DAT > CDR (had been marked MSR > Cassette > DAT > CDR); intro from alternate SBD; d1t6, d3t2 have cuts from reel;

1969-04-21   Boston, MA   The Ark   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MSR > DAT > CDR   Print Label

1969-04-22   Boston, MA   The Ark   SBD   CD   3 discs   VG+   MReel>Cass>Dat2>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: All cuts are on master reels. Levels are quite low and some hiss is present.

1969-04-23   Boston, MA   The Ark   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1969-04-27   Minneapolis, MN   Labor Temple   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>MR>D>CD>SHN   Print Label

1969-05-03   San Francisco, CA      SBD   CD   1 disc   E   Reel>PCM>Dat>   Print Label

1969-05-31   Eugene, Or   Arthur Court   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD>?>CDR   Print Label

1969-06-07   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Has some disturbances and tape hiss. Present on all copies? Janis sings on Lovelight.

1969-07-05   Chicago, IL   Electric Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Clear, but has tape hiss.

1969-07-07   Atlanta, GA   Piedmont Park   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG   MCass>Cass>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-10-25   San Francisco, CA   Winterland   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>MR>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: SBD>MR>DAT>Sonic Solutions>CDR Stephen Stills plays on Lovelight.

1970-01-01   San Francisco, CA   Pacific High Recording   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Workingman's Dead Studio Outtakes. *5-8 are same material with EQ and Dolby A

1970-01-02   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   3 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Has some fluctuations.

1970-01-16   Portland, OR   Springer's Inn   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1970-02-11   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MR>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1970-02-13   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   M>DAT>Sonic Sol>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Seeded by David Gans. Early show.

1970-04-03   Cincinnati, OH   University of Cincinnati   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Monitor noise throughout show

1970-05-15   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   6 discs   E   MR>DAT>ZA2>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: the NRPS sets have 2 cassette generations. * w/ Bob Weir, ** w/ NRPS

1970-05-24   Newcastle-Under-Lyme, England   Hollywood Festival   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MR>C>D>CD   Print Label
         Comments: SBD MR>C>D>CD + AUD MR>C>D>CD patches. The AUD supplies the beginning of the show and the middle part of St. Stephen. Both are missing on the SBD.

1970-06-06   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   M>CASS>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Missing first set (acoustic).

1970-06-07   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: From If the structure of this show was the same as on 6/5/70, then the acoustic set opened the evening, followed by sets from Southern Comfort and NRPS with Garcia on pedal steel, and then the Dead closed out the evening with their electric set (SET 2)

1971-01-01   Santa Venetia, CA   Studio   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Tapes from a 3 day rehearsal with Keith.

1971-02-18   Port Chester, NY   Capitol Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: SBD -> Dolby A Reel -> Dolby A decode -> DAT -> Sound Forge NR -> CD-R First ever Bertha, Loser, Greatest Story, Johnny B. Goode, and Wharf Rat.

1971-02-19   Port Chester, NY   Captiol Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   See comments   Print Label
         Comments: 7" two track BBD reel w/ Dolby A @ 7 1/2 ips > PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz (Dolby not decoded?) > WAV > Cool Edit Pro (filtering and sample rate conversion) > SHN data files. An ESP experiment show; the second Betty Board; first show without Mickey Hart. Bird Song is cut.

1971-04-24   Durham, NC   Wallace Wade Stadium   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>MR>PCM>CD   Print Label

1971-04-26   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: MSR 7 inch (7.5 ips) Revox A 77 >Alesis Masterlink>CD-R. * w/ Duane Allman

1971-04-27   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: MSR 7 inch (7.5 ips) Revox A 77 >Alesis Masterlink>CD-R. * w/ Beach Boys, ** Beach Boys alone

1971-04-28   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   MSR >Reel >CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Really great show. Garcia plays pedal steel on the NRPS set. There is a splice in the middle of Bird Song. The end of Bertha is cut. The Other One is cut at the end and Wharf Rat is missing (but appears on LAGTGD). Disk #1 & #2 (up to splice in Bird Song): MSR >Reel >Alesis Masterlink>CD-R End of Bird Song and Disk #3 & #4: MSR 7 inch (7.5 ips) Revox A 77 >Alesis Masterlink>CD-R

1971-04-29   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   5 discs   E   MSR>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: MSR 7 inch (7.5 ips) Revox A 77 >Alesis Masterlink>CD-R

1971-07-02   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1971-08-06   Hollywood, CA   Hollywood Palladium   AUD   CD   2 discs   E   reel master>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: This audience tape has more enjoyable sound than most of the Dead SBD's I've heard. The sound is just awesome, plus you can hear the audience. Great show too. Source: AKG 330->Sony 770 Reel to Reel (50 ft back from the stage)>CD: Fostex D5->SB Live Digi I/O->Cool Edit Pro (by Ben Kasper)

1971-08-14   Berkeley, CA   Berkeley Community Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MR->DAT->CD   Print Label

1971-08-15   Berkeley, CA   Berkeley Community Theatre   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1971-10-30   Cincinnati, OH   Taft Auditorium   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: WEBN Radio Broadcast. Has a few pops - on original?

1971-12-04   New York, NY   Felt Forum, MSG   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>MR>DAT>C>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1971-12-05   New York, NY   Felt Forum   SBD   CD   3 discs         Print Label

1971-12-06   New York, NY   Felt Forum, MSG   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MSR>DAT>CD   Print Label

1971-12-06   New York, NY   Felt Forum, MSG   SBD   CD   3 disc   E   MSR>DAT>CD   Print Label

1971-12-07   New York, NY   The Felt Forum   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   M@10.5 IPS>DAT>CD   Print Label

1971-12-15   Ann Arbor, MI   Hill Auditorium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   MR>?>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Second set only

1971-12-31   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Not complete. FM broadcast.

1971-12-31   San Francisco, CA   Winterland   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Nice show. Unfortunately, my discs are TAO.

1972-04-08   London, England   Wembley Empire Pool   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR > DAT > CD   Print Label
         Comments: Lineage: Discs 1 and 2: MR > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN, Disc 3: MR > DAT > Sonic Solutions > CD > EAC > SHN

1972-04-14   Copenhagen, Denmark   Tivolis Koncertsal   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>CASS>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Disk 3 is comprised of the songs between Looks Like Rain and Not Fade Away.

1972-05-03   Paris, France   Olympia Theater   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   SBD>reel>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1972-05-11   The Netherlands   Rotterdam Civic Hall   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Starts off audience then quickly goes to SBD.

1972-05-18   Muenchen, West Germany   Kongressaal, Deutsches Museum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   sdb>?>dat>cdr   Print Label
         Comments: Unfortunately, this is the flawed set from 7 of the tracks have small errors. Replacement tracks are available from etree.

1972-05-18   Muenchen, West Germany   Kongressaal, Deutsches Museum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   mr>sdb>?>dat>cdr   Print Label

1972-05-26   London, England   Strand Lyceum   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Missing Promised Land

1972-08-21   Berkeley, CA   Berkeley Community Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>PCM>DAT>CD-R   Print Label

1972-08-27   Veneta, OR   Old Renaissance Fairground   SBD   CD   3 discs   E-   Betty>PCM>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1972-08-27   Veneta, OR   Old Renaissance Fairground   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Lineage: (SET I and II) SBD > Re-Mixed Master RTR > DAT > SSSB, Lineage: (SET III) SBD > Re-Mixed Master RTR > PCM (via analog inputs and outputs) > DAT > SSSB. Mastered by Jay Serafin.

1972-09-21   Philadelphia, PA   The Spectrum   SBD   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label

1972-09-23   Waterbury, Connecticut   Palace Theater   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD>MR>Cass>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: From etree.

1972-09-24   Waterbury, Connecticut   Palace Theater   SBD   CD   3 discs   VG   MR> CASS> DAT> CDR   Print Label
         Comments: From Etree. Known Flaws: d1t08 cut at beggining of Tennessee Jed; d2t01 cut during 15:00 minute mark of Playin' in the Band; d3t05 I Know You Rider cuts at 4:02 (rest is missing). These flaws exist on all known to be circulating soundoard sources of this rare show. If someone has the even rarer aud., It would be nice to patch the rest of Rider in.

1972-09-26   Jersey City, NJ   Stanley Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD MR DAT(48kHz) za   Print Label
         Comments: Has some digital ticks in about 5 tracks. This is not the etree version.

1972-10-17   St. Louis, MO   Fox Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MSR>CASS>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1972-12-31   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   Pre-FM KSAN Reel>DAT   Print Label
         Comments: Other One (pt. 2) and Morning Dew with David Crosby. Clips at the start of Candyman, Promised Land, and Big River appear on all circulating copies.

1973-02-09   Palo Alto, CA   Roscoe Maples Pavilion - Stanford   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: First version of the Wall of Sound. Good show.

1973-03-26   Baltimore, MD   Baltimore Civic Center   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   MR>DAT>CDA   Print Label
         Comments: Killer show.

1973-06-10   Washington, D.C.   RFK Stadium   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: SBD MR (10'' reels)> DAT > CD > EAC > SHN

1973-07-27   Watkins Glen, NY      SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: MAMU is from an aud source

1973-07-28   Watkins Glen   Grand Prix Racecourse   SBD   CD   4 discs   E-   varies   Print Label
         Comments: Encore Two with Allman Brothers Band and The Band. Assembled from many sources.

1973-08-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E   BETTY>BCM>DAT>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Wake Of The Studio outtakes. The date applied, according to Deadbase, is when the dead entered the studio to record WOTF. Betty> BCM> DAT> DAT> DIO 2448> SHN

1973-10-29   St. Louis, MO   Kiel Auditorium   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>C>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1973-11-11   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>DAT>CASS>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Source: Disks 1-2 MSR>Cass>Cass>DATs>CDRs>EAC>SHN, Disk 3 MSR>Cass>DATs>CDRs>EAC>SHN

1973-11-14   San Diego, CA   San Diego Sports Arena   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1973-11-20   Denver, CO   Denver Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   S:MR > DAT > CD   Print Label
         Comments: From etree.

1973-11-25   Tempe, AZ   Feyline Field   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>CASS>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1973-12-08   Durham, NC   Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   SBD:MR>C>DAT>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Beginning of Bertha is clipped. J.B.Goode is from an AUD source.

1974-02-24   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   M>PCM>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Mastered by Jay Serafin. Awesome sound. SBD->Master Reel->PCM->DAT->Fostex D5 DAT->Marantz Professional PMD-320 CD Master->Ricoh MP-6200 series CD-R-> HP 8200i CDRW Drive (EAC)->SHNCD

1974-02-24   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>D>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Soundcheck. Mastered by Jay Serafin.

1974-05-17   Vancouver, BC, Canada   P.N.E. Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MSR>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1974-05-19   Portland, OR   Memorial Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>DAT>CD   Print Label
         Comments: The complete show, in SBD except Tennessee Jed through El Paso & Ship Of Fools. Has some slight tape hiss.

1974-05-21   Seattle, WA   Edmundson Pavilion, U of Washington   SBD   CD   3 discs   3 discs   MR > cassette > DAT   Print Label

1974-06-16   Des Moines, IA   State Fairgrounds   SBD   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label

1974-06-18   Louisville, KY   Freedom Hall   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Killer show.

1974-07-31   Hartford, CT   Dillon Stadium   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   SBDMR>DATx>CD>DAT>CD   Print Label

1974-08-06   Jersey City, NJ   Roosevelt Stadium   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   MR > DAT > CD   Print Label
         Comments: Ultimate copy - with Scarlet patched from aud source. Excellent show.

1974-09-18   Dijon, France   Palais de Congrès   SBD   CD   3 discs   E-   Pre-FM > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: source: SBD > pre-FM master (reel?) > DAT CD, patched with SBD > master reel > PCM > DAT > CD > SoundForge >CD

1974-10-20   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Amazing audience recording. More enjoyable than most soundboards.

1975-09-28   San Francisco, CA   Lindley Meadows, Golden Gate Pk   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1976-06-14   New York, NY   Beacon Theater   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1976-06-15   New York, NY   Beacon Theater   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1976-06-29   Chicago, IL   Auditorium Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Left In The Vaults."

1976-12-31   Daly City, CA   Cow Palace   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   FM-SB (KSAN-FM)>?>CD   Print Label

1977-02-26   San Bernardino, CA   Swing Auditorium   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: First ever Terrapin Station and Estimated Prophet

1977-04-23   Springfield, MA   Springfield Civic Center   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD->MR->DAT->CD   Print Label
         Comments: d3t3 patched with audience source (FOB Sony ECM99A mics->Sony TC152->DAT->CD via D.Sacks)to cover missing SBD source due to reel flip.

1977-05-05   New Haven, CT   Veterans' Memorial Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Betty Board. master reels > dat tascam dap1 > zefiro za2 > soundforge >cdwave > shn. *known errors: drops gd1977-05-05d1t05 1:02 -> 1:08 and 6:00->6:10

1977-05-07   Boston, MA   Boston Garden   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   BETTY>PCM>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Awesome show, awesome sound. Encore (US Blues) is missing (all copies).

1977-05-08   Ithica, NY   Barton Hall, Cornell University   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   BETTY>PCM>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: WBOTB Source -- 7" two track BBD reel encoded w/ DBX-1 noise reduction @ 7 1/2 ips > Sony PCM501ES @ 44.055 kHz. > Sony PCM501ES analog out > DBX-1 decoder > analog in PCM501ES > PCM501ES analog out > Fostex D5 @ 48 kHz>DATs>ZA2>CDRs>EAC>SHN, Audience Splices -- Teddy Goodbear's Panasonic AM/FM Stereo 'boom box' (w/condenser mics) > CM (Cassette Master) > various equalizers & editors > CD

1977-05-17   Tuscaloosa, AL   Memorial Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>DAT>C>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: SBD>MR 7" (Baked)>DAT>Cass>DAT>CD Tuning pauses have been shortened in some cases.

1977-05-19   Atlanta, GA   Fox Theatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1977-05-25   Richmond, VA   Mosque   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   ?   Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound, awesome show.

1977-05-26   Baltimore, MD   Baltimore Civic Center   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   Reel > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: SBD > 7" RTR half-track recording @ 7.5 i.p.s. 1/2 track > Marin County Mixdown ADAT > SSSB. Mastered by Jay Serafin

1977-05-28   Hartford, CT   Hartford Civic Center   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>Rm>Dat>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Partial second set. Great sound.

1977-10-29   DeKalb, IL   Evans Field House - NIU   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound. Just enough crowd noise. Sounds professional. From a boot, the title of which I can't remember.

1977-11-04   Hamilton, NY   Colgate University (the Homecoming Dance!)   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR > DAT > CD-R   Print Label

1977-11-06   Binghamton, NY   Broome County Arena   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1978-02-01   Chicago, IL   Uptown Theatre   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   ?   Print Label

1978-04-16   Huntington, WV   Huntington Civic Center   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG   ?   Print Label

1978-07-07   Morrison, CO   Red Rocks Amphitheater   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   MR>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: This is not in stereo: the same channel is spread over both using a splitter technique. The channel that should contain Keith, half of Jerry, Billy, and possibly some of Phil, is missing; Keith is minimally audible. This the only SBD source available.

1978-07-08   Red Rocks Amphitheatre   Morrison, CO   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   SBD>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1978-07-08   Morrison, CO   Red Rocks Amphitheatre   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1978-09-14   Giza, Egypt   Sphinx Theatre   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: * Hamza El-Din

1978-09-15   Giza, Egypt   Son Et Lumiere Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Has some faint digital DAT-ish noise. I believe it's on all copies. It's not that bad and only happens in a few spots.

1978-09-16   Giza Sound and Light Theatre   Giza, Egypt   SBD   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label

1978-10-20   San Francisco, CA   Winterland   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1980-10-14   San Francisco, CA   Warfield Theater   SBD   CD   4 discs   E   M > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Set One and encores: unknown audience>?>CDR>EAC>SHN; Sets Two and Three: SBD>MR>DAT>CDR>EAC>SHN

1980-12-06   Mill Valley, CA   Mill Valley Recreational Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Acoustic set. Source: Betty Cantor-Jackson's Master Audience Cassette > DAT > CDR.

1981-05-12   New Haven, CT   Veterans' Memorial Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   Cass2>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: SBD> Master Cassette> Cassette > DAT> CDR -- From

1982-05-21   Los Angeles, CA   Greek Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   MCass>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Known flaws: D1t01 (Bertha); first 1 sec. (approximately) cut, noise < 1 sec each at 5:55, 6:12 and 6:21, D1t11 (Don't Ease) noise last few seconds, Intermittent light digistatic

1983-04-13   Burlington, VT   Patrick Field House, O of V   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   Reel2 > CDR   Print Label
         Comments: MSC -> Reel (3 3/4 ips) -> Revox A-77 (reel to reel deck) -> Alesis Masterlink ML-9600 (A/D conversion and CDR mastering) -> CDRs -> EAC -> SHN

1985-11-21   Oakland, CA   Henry J. Kaiser Convention Center   SBD   CD   3 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Dull sound and some hiss.

1987-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Dylan and The Dead Rehearsal.

1987-04-11   Chicago, IL   UIC Pavilion   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label

1989-02-12   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: (1) with Spencer Davis (2) with Bob Dylan (3) - Sadly, my copy has a bunch of ticks and is not trade-worthy.

1991-06-25   Bonner Springs, KS   Sandstone Amphitheatre   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1993-08-22   Eugene, OR   Autzen Stadium - U of Oregon   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label

1994-03-30   Atlanta, GA   The Omni   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Really great sound. (1) acoustic Bob

1994-09-09         AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Acoustic Set. Very nice. Great sound.

Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane

1967-08-04   Toronto, Ont, Canada   O'Keefe Centre   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD MR>R>DAT(3)>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: "Bill Graham Presents the San Francisco Scene in Toronto"

1967-08-05   Tornoto, Ont, Canada   O'Keefe Centre   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   Varies-see comments   Print Label
         Comments: "Bill Graham Presents the San Francisco Scene in Toronto" Tracks 1-10: Stereo SBD MR>R>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD gens)>EAC> Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN * Tracks 11 & 12: Stereo SBD MR>R>C>C>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD gens)>EAC>Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN ** Track 13: Mono Cassette unknown generation>DAT(3)>CDR(unknown number of CD gens)>EAC>Cool Edit 2000>CD Wave>SHN

Grisman, David

1977-12-16   San Francisco, CA   Great American Music Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   REEL>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Todd Phillips fiddle, Darol Anger mandolin, Bill Amantneek bass, Tony Rice guitar, David Grisman mandolin

2001-07-21   Ancramdale, NY   Rothvoss Farm   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   DSBD>SBM1>TCD-D7   Print Label
         Comments: Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival

Grisman, David and Tony Rice

1997-10-11   Hickory, NC   Arts & Science Center   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Source: M. Gefell m210->Sonosax SX-M2->SBM-1->DAP-1 @48khz (FOB) Transfer: DAP-1->SB Audigy Platinum->Sound Forge XP 5.0 (48->44.1)->CD Wave(tracking)->mkwACT->SHN v3

Guns 'N' Roses

1988-02-02   New York, NY   The Ritz   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

Harrison, George

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Pirate Songs" - Vigotone

Hendrix, Jimi

1968-04-01   New York, NY   Generation Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: W / BB King and The Paul Butterfield Blues Band

1968-04-01   New York, NY   Jimi's Apartment   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Jimi recorded himself with his own tape recorder playing sketches of these songs. Very cool.

1969-01-09   Stockholm, Sweden   Konserthuset   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1969-02-24   London, England   Royal Albert Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1969-04-26   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1970-07-30   Maui, HI   Haleakala Crater, Seabury Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Jimi Hendrix, Mitch Mitchell, and Billy Cox. Rainbow Bridge Vibratory Colour-Sound Experiment. Filmed part of "Rainbow Bridge" at this show. According to witnesses, the venue was a cow pasture.

1970-08-30   Isle Of Wight, England   East Afton Farm   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Isle Of Wight Festival

Jane's Addiction

1901-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: 1: John Anson Ford Theater, LA 4/24/89 2-3: Hollywood Paladium, Hollywood, CA 12/19/90 4-11: Cal State Northridge, Northridge, CA 5/2/87 12-13: Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA 1/16/89. 1-3 & 12-13 SBD, 4-11 AUD

1986-08-01   Los Angeles, CA   KXLU - Loyola Marymount   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome radio interview/performance. Very intimate. On disc with 1987-02-14.

1986-10-23   Los Angeles, CA   Pyramid Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Some of this is on Kettle Whistle.

1987-02-14   Los Angeles, CA   The Scream   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome audience recording. On disc with 1986-08-?? KXLU- Loyola Marymount Los Angeles, CA FM 20m acoustic songs (w/ain't no right). Unfortunately, it's TAO, but I've been meaning to fix that. If you want it, I'll be glad to remove the gaps.

1987-02-14   Los Angeles, CA   The Scream   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Also available with the '86 radio interview/performance at the beginning.

1989-02-28   Seattle, WA      SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label

1990-07-07   Mount Baldy, CA   Mount Baldy State Park   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Some tape his and shrill audio, but clear.

1990-10-11   Milan, Italy   The Head Shop   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Truly excellent audience recording.

1990-12-19   Los Angeles, CA   Hollywood Palladium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound. Some of these tracks are on Kettle Whistle.

1991-08-16   Washington, DC   Lollapalooza Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1991-08-26   Honolulu, HI   Aloha Tower   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Last Fixx". Lollapalooza 1. Awesome sound.

1991-09-09   Honolulu, HI   Aloha Tower   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

Jefferson Airplane

1970-05-05   New York, NY   Fillmore East   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

Joplin, Janis

1964-06-25   San Francisco, CA   Jorma's House   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "The Typewriter Tape" Janis and Jorma recorded on home tape deck.

Joplin, Janis & The Kozmic Blues Band

1969-04-01   Amsterdam, Netherlands      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Liberated Bootleg "Summertime" Awesome.

Led Zeppelin

0000-00-00         SBD   CD            Print Label

1900-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   2 discs   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Studio Haze." Various outtakes / rehearsals.

1900-01-01   Various   Various   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Pre-Zep" 1. Intro, 2. JPJ A-Side 2/64, 3. JPJ B-Side 2/64, 4. Page A-Side 2/65, 5. Page B-Side 2/65, 6. Listen w/Plant A-Side 10/66, 7. Listen w/Plant B-Side 10/66, 8. Yardbirds w/ Page and Beck from Blow Up 1966, 9. Robert A-Side 3/67, 10. Robert B-Side 3/67, 11. Beck/Page 3/67, 12. Plant w/Bonham A-Side 9/67, 13. Plant w/Bonham B-Side 9/67, 14 - 16: Band Of Joy 1968, 17-19: Yardbirds BBC 1968, 20 - 21: Alexis Korner w/Plany 1968, 22. PJ Proby w/Led Zep 1968

1901-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Studio Daze." Awesome.

1901-01-01   Interviews      Pro   CD   5 discs   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: Various interviews

1911-01-01   James Patrick Page   Session Man Vol. 1   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG-E   Master   Print Label
         Comments: James Patrick Page - Session Man Vol. 1 C.D. version.

1911-01-01   James Patrick Page -   Session Man Vol. 2   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG - E   M   Print Label
         Comments: James Patrick Page - Session Man Vol. 2 C.D. Version.

1968-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Olympic Gold." 1-6 Olympic Studio 10/68, 7-8 Studio '69, 9 PJ Proby w/ Zeppelin, 10-16 Pre-Zep Page Sessions

1968-12-30   Spokane, WA   The Gymnasium, Gonzaga University   AUD   CD   1 disc   G-   Cass1>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: From ZD5

1969-01-10   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   AUD   CD   2         Print Label

1969-01-11   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-01-12   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   2nd>CDR   Print Label

1969-01-23   Boston, MA   Boston Tea Party   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label

1969-01-31   New York, NY   Fillmore East   AUD   CD   1      NY In The Wind - EV   Print Label

1969-02-01   New York, NY   Fillmore East   AUD   CD   1      NY In The Wind - EV   Print Label

1969-02-14   Miami, FL   Image Club   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   Master->DAT->CDR   Print Label
         Comments: From ZD5

1969-04-24   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   AUD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Sounds like a SBD. Awesome show and really good sound.

1969-04-25   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Ballroom   AUD   CD   1         Print Label

1969-04-26   San Francisco, CA   Winterland Ballroom   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   1st>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-04-27   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-   M/2nd>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: MasterReel>DAT>CDR & 2ndCassette>DAT>CDR. Combo of a great sbd and aud tape to make the show complete. Awesome show.

1969-04-27   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Collage" - TDOLZ. Mix of SBD and AUD. One of my favorite shows.

1969-04-27   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2         Print Label
         Comments: Remastered SBD/Aud mix.

1969-06-27   London, England   Playhouse Theater   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "White Summer" - Swingin' Pig. Excellent.

1969-06-27   London, England   Playhouse Theater   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Rock Hour" - Antrabata. This is how it was originally broadcast by the BBC.

1969-07-06   Newport, RI   Newport Jazz Festival   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG   Cass1>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: From ZD5

1969-07-21   New York, NY   Schaefer Music Festival, Central Park   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Complete Schaefer Music Festival."

1969-07-25   West Allis, WI   State Fair   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Stroll On - TDOLZ"

1969-08-18   Toronto, Canada   The Rockpile   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Complete Rockpile Show" - The Symbols. Great atmosphere and killer show. One of my favorites. The second show is VG-. The first show is G or G+.

1969-08-31   Dallas, TX   Texas International Pop Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-08-31   Dallas, TX   Texas International Pop Festival   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1969-10-12   London, England   Lyceum Ballroom   AUD   CD   1         Print Label

1969-10-30   Kleinhans Music Hall   Buffalo, NY   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   2nd>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Clear, but distant. Has very faint digi-noise throughout. On all copies?

1969-11-02   Toronto, Ontario, Canada   O’Keefe Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Beast Of Toronto - Immigrant"

1969-11-06   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "C'Mon Everybody" - Elrond

1970-01-08   Bristol, England      AUD   CD   2         Print Label

1970-01-09   London, England   Royal Albert Hall   Pro   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Radio broadcast

1970-02-24   Helsinki, Finland   Kulturhuset   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   1st>DAT   Print Label
         Comments: From FBO tree. Has been eq'd.

1970-03-07   Monteaux, Switzerland   Montreaux Jazz Festival   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "All That Jazz" - TDOLZ. Complete audience recording. Has some slight pops and clicks - sounds vinyl sourced.

1970-03-09   Vienna, Austria   Konzerthaus   AUD   CD   2 discs   G-      Print Label
         Comments: "Vienna 1970"

1970-03-11   Hamburg, Germany   Musikhalle   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   Cass1>DAT>CDR1   Print Label
         Comments: From ZD5

1970-03-12   Dusseldorf, Germany      AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: From old boot source and also new 60 minute source.

1970-03-21   Vancouver, Canada   PNE Coliseum   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Mudslide (Flying Disc Music German version)." FM Broadcast.

1970-03-25   Denver, CO   Denver Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   F      Print Label
         Comments: "Denver 1970" - TDOLZ

1970-03-27   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   F   m>dat>cdr (long)   Print Label
         Comments: Long version

1970-03-27   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   m>dat>cdr (short)   Print Label
         Comments: Short version

1970-03-27   Inglewood, CA   The Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   G+   M > DAT > CD-R?   Print Label
         Comments: Combination of both sources to make complete show.

1970-04-08   Raleigh, NC   Dorton Arena   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Excellent atmosphere and show. Sometimes mislabeled as 4/7/70.

1970-04-14   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   Ottawa Civic Centre   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: Parliament Hill - TMQ Masters

1970-06-28   Shepton Mallet, UK   Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music   AUD   CD   2 discs   F   1st gen cass > cdr   Print Label
         Comments: (Yamaha KX380 cassette deck --> Tara Labs-Prism 3 cable --> Marantz CDR630 professional stand-alone CD-burner). Excellent show.

1970-07-19   Berlin, Germany   Deutschlandhalle   AUD   CD   2      Intimate   Print Label

1970-08-21   Tulsa, OK   Civic Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   MC>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent playing from Jimmy. Great show.

1970-08-31   Milwaukee, WI   Milwaukee Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Scat" - TDOLZ

1970-09-02   Oakland, CA   Oakland Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   M>RR>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Rare Blueberry Hill.

1970-09-04   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Return to Blueberry Hill - Immigrant." Famous Blueberry Hill boot.

1970-09-04   Inglewood, CA   The Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   Cass2 > CD-R?   Print Label
         Comments: Supposedly from 2nd gen. Sounds great.

1970-09-06   Honolulu, HI   International Center Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   G   3rd gen tape>CDR   Print Label

1970-09-07         AUD   CD   2         Print Label
         Comments: Correct date?

1971-03-05   Belfast, Ireland   Ulster Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   G-   Master Cass > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Amazing show! First ever Stairway. Robert's voice is incredibly powerful.

1971-03-06   Dublin, Ireland   National Boxing Stadium   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   3rd>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Clear and very close recording, but with a good deal of audience chatter.

1971-05-03   Copenhagen, Denmark   K.B. Hallen   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   2nd Gen > CD-R   Print Label

1971-08-21   Los Angeles, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Wild Weekend - TDOLZ."

1971-08-22   Los Angeles, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "The Definitive Kingdom - Whole Lotta Live."

1971-08-23   Ft. Worth, TX   Tarrant County Convention Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Hot August Nights"

1971-08-31   Orlando, FL   Civic Auditorium   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: 'Welcome To Disneyland' - Lemon Song. Clear sound, but distant.

1971-08-31   Orlando, FL   Civic Auditorium   SBD   CD   2   E-      Print Label

1971-09-04   Toronto, Canada   Maple Leaf Gardens   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Jennings Farm Blues." Studio takes are perfect quality, 9/4/71 show is a bit flat

1971-09-09   Hampton, VA      SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Hampton Kicks" - Elrond

1971-09-13   Berkeley, CA   Berkeley Community Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: Going to California II - Tarantura.

1971-09-14   Berkeley, CA   Berkeley Community Theatre   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   Vinyl>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: This vinyl source has much better sound than any of the newer CD releases or low-gen tapes. Great performance too.

1971-09-24   Tokyo, Japan   Budokan Hall   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Light and Shade"

1971-09-28   Osaka, Japan   Festival Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   3rd gen?>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Speed corrected. Some noise on left channel, but only here and there, and not very loud.

1971-09-29   Osaka, Japan   Koseinenkin Kaiken   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Live in Japan 1971 - Last Stand." Fascinating Show

1971-11-11   Newcastle, England   City Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: From FBO tree

1971-11-13   Dundee, Scotland   Caird Hall   AUD   CD   2      Led Note   Print Label
         Comments: The Road And The Miles To Dundee (Led Note)

1971-11-20   Wembley, London, England   Empire Pool   AUD   CD   2         Print Label

1971-11-25   Leicester, England   Leicester University   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Mystical Majesties Request"

1972-02-20   Melbourne, Australia   Kooyong Stadium   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   1st gen cass > CDR   Print Label

1972-02-25   Auckland, New Zealand   Western Springs Stadium   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label

1972-02-27   Sydney, New South Wales, Australia   The Showgrounds   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   Master>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: From FBO Tree

1972-02-29   Brisbane, Australia   Festival Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   F+   1st gen cass > CDR   Print Label

1972-03-05   Sydney, Australia      Studio   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Interview w/ Plant and Bonham. From vinyl.

1972-05-27   Amsterdam, Holland   Oude Rai   AUD   CD   2         Print Label

1972-05-28   Brussels, Belgium   Vorst National   AUD   CD   2 discs   G   M > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Good remastering of original tape.

1972-05-28   Brussels, Belgium      AUD   CD   2      EV   Print Label

1972-06-07   Montreal, Canada   Montreal Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   1st Gen > CDR   Print Label

1972-06-09   Charlotte, NC   Memorial Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   M > DAT2 > CDR   Print Label

1972-06-11   Baltimore, MD   Civic Center   AUD   CD   3 discs   G+   M > DAT > CD-R   Print Label

1972-06-14   Uniondale, NY   Nassau Coliseum   AUD   CD   3   G      Print Label

1972-06-15   Uniondale, NY   Nassau County Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   2nd gen cass>CDR   Print Label

1972-06-18   Seattle, WA   Seattle Center Coliseum   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1972-06-19   Seattle, WA   Seattle Center Coliseum   AUD   CD   3 discs   G   2nd cass > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent show. The sound is a tad rough, but you can hear everything well enough.

1972-06-19   Seattle, WA   Seattle Center Coliseum   AUD   CD   3 discs   G   2nd gen cass > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent show, but rough sound.

1972-06-22   San Bernardino, CA   Swing Auditorium   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Berdu - Cobla Standard. Dazed is in the wrong place. Good show.

1972-06-25   Los Angeles, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label

1972-06-25   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG   2nd gen.>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Great show

1972-06-28   Tucson, AZ   Community Center   AUD   CD   3         Print Label

1972-10-02   Tokyo, Japan   Budokan Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: My version of this show is incomplete (missing Rain Song, Dazed, and The Ocean).

1972-10-03   Tokyo, Japan   Budokan Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   2nd gen cass > CDR   Print Label

1972-10-03   Tokyo, Japan   Budokan Hall   AUD   CD   2      LSD   Print Label

1972-10-04   Osaka, Japan   Festival Hall   AUD   CD   2      Rock Explosion   Print Label

1972-10-05   Nagoya, Japan   Nagoyashi Kokaido   AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: "D.R.A.G.O.N. (Flagge)"

1972-10-09   Osaka, Japan   Koseinenkin Kaikan   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   M > DAT > CDR   Print Label

1972-10-09   Osaka, Japan   Festival Hall   AUD   CD   2      Rock Explosion   Print Label

1972-12-01   Newcastle-On-Tyne, England   Newcastle City Hall   AUD   CD   2         Print Label

1972-12-08   Manchester, England   Hard Rock   AUD   CD   3 discs   G+      Print Label

1973-01-07   Oxford, UK   New Oxford Theatre   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-   M>CASS>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Great show and very nice, clear recording. Robert's voice is a bit rough, but otherwise great playing.

1973-01-15   Stoke , England   Trentham Gardens   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+   Master>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1973-01-18   Bradford, England   St. George's Hall   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Elvis Presley Has Just Left The Building."

1973-01-25   Aberdeen, Scotland      AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   2nd gen cass > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Strange show with strange sound quality. It sounds like a very distant soundboard almost.

1973-03-06   Stockholm, Sweden   Tennishallen   AUD   CD   3         Print Label

1973-03-16   Vienna, Austria   Stadthalle   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   Master->DAT->CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent show.

1973-03-16   Vienna, Austria   Stadthalle   SBD   CD   1         Print Label

1973-03-16   Vienna, Austria   Stadthalle   SBD   CD   2   VG   Winston Remaster   Print Label
         Comments: SBD/AUD mix with SBD/AUD Matric

1973-03-17   Munich, Germany   Olympiahalle   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG   Master->DAT->CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Excellent show.

1973-03-19   Berlin, Germany   Deutschlandhalle   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Let's Have A Party"

1973-03-19   Berlin, Germany   Deutschlandhalle   AUD   CD   2      Immigrant   Print Label

1973-03-21   Hamburg, Germany   Musikhalle   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "A Paris Affair (Oh Boy)." Excellent stuff.

1973-03-22   Essen, Germany   Grugahalle   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Complete audience tape (very good quality) with truly excellent SBD spliced in. Dazed and WLL are from the SBD. Great show.

1973-03-22   Essen, Germany   Grugahalle   AUD   CD   2      From BZPC   Print Label
         Comments: Alternate source.

1973-03-24   Offenburgh, Germany   Orthenauhalle   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   1st > DAT > CDR   Print Label

1973-03-27   Nancy, France   Parc des Expositions   AUD   CD   2 discs   G-   M > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Recently discovered show from the amazing March '73 run.

1973-04-01   Paris, France   Palais des Sports   AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Viva La France" - TDOLZ. The starts of Over The Hills And Far Away, Stairway To Heaven are cut, as is the majority Moby Dick and a section in the Whole Lotta Love medley.

1973-05-13   Mobile, AL   Municipal Auditorium   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Goin' Mobile boot. Has some ticks on a few tracks.

1973-05-19   Ft. Worth, TX   Tarrant County Convention Center   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: From "Tympani For The Butterqueen" boot

1973-05-26   Salt Lake City, UT   Salt Palace   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Salt Lake City 1973" - Watchtower

1973-05-26   Salt Lake City, UT   Salt Palace   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Georgia On My Mind" - Empress Valley. Slightly better sound than the Watchtower version..

1973-05-26   Salt Lake City, UT   Salt Palace   SBD   CD   2         Print Label
         Comments: Georgia On My Mind (Empress Valley)

1973-05-28   San Diego, CA   San Diego Sports Arena   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "San Diego 1973" - Watchtower

1973-05-31   Great Western Forum   Los Angeles, CA   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Bonzo's 25th Birthday (Antrabata)

1973-05-31   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Bonzo's Birthday Presents" - Celebration. Typical sounding '73 soundboard. Great performance.

1973-06-02   San Francisco, CA   Kezar Arena   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Imperial Kezar" - Electric Magic. Nice audience tape with some SBD mixed in (Moby Dick, Heartbreaker, WLL).

1973-06-02   San Francisco, CA   Kezar Stadium   AUD   CD   3         Print Label

1973-06-03   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG/P      Print Label
         Comments: "Three Days After" - Cobra Standard. TSRTS, NQ, Rain Song and the other tracks marked with speed problems are unlistenable (problems exist on master). But the rest of the show is great.

1973-07-06   Chicago, IL   Chicago Stadium   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Shakin' All Over" - Triangle Records. Soundcheck recording. Cool.

1973-07-09   St. Paul, MN   St. Paul Civic Center   AUD   CD   3 discs   G+   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label

1973-07-12   Detroit, MI   Cobo Hall   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG-   M > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Good show. Moby Dick is cut.

1973-07-13   Detroit, MI   Cobo Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-   REELn>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Track markings on disc 2 are messed up. I can fix them upon request.

1973-07-15   Buffalo, NY   War Memorial Auditorium   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Where The Zeppelin Roam" boot. Has a couple of digital pops.

1973-07-17   Seattle, WA   Seattle Center Coliseum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label

1973-07-17   Seattle, WA   Center Coliseum   SBD   CD   3         Print Label
         Comments: Winston Matrix

1973-07-18   PNE Coliseum   Vancouver, Canada   SBD   CD   1 disc   G      Print Label

1973-07-18   Vancouver, BC, Canada   PNE Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: Source 1 - has some faint ticks

1973-07-18   Vancouver, BC, Canada   PNE Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: Source 2 - has some faint ticks

1973-07-20   Boston, MA   Boston Garden   AUD   CD   2 discs   G-      Print Label
         Comments: "Zep vs. Boston" - Image Quality. Pretty awful sound.

1973-07-21   Providence, RI   Civic Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Smokin show, but has some slight digital ticks in some spots.

1973-07-28   New York, NY   Madison Square Garden   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Out From The Movie" - Forever Standard Series

1973-07-29   New York, NY   Madison Square Garden   SBD   CD   3 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Mostly soundboard, but has some audience bits mixed in to make a complete show. Very well done.

1974-01-01   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Physically Present." Amazing stuff.

1975-01-20   Chicago, IL   Chicago Stadium   AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Luftschiffe" - Tarantura. Interesting early '75 experimental show. Rare When The Levee Breaks and The Wanton Song - only played a few times. They played How Many More Times in place of Dazed and Confused because Jimmy had a broken finger and couldn't handle the marathon.

1975-02-12   New York, NY   Madison Square Garden   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Can't Take Your Evil Ways - TDOLZ." Great show and awesome sound.

1975-02-12   New York, NY   Madison Square Garden   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Flying Circus" - Empress Valley. Absolutely awesome sound. This is one of the greatest live Led Zep documents there is. Many Zep SBDs are of below-average performances, but this is a hot show.

1975-02-16   St. Louis, MO   St. Louis Arena   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: From "Oh Dear, I've Known Him Since He Was A Child" boot.

1975-02-28   Baton Rouge, LA   Louisiana State University   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG   low-gen   Print Label
         Comments: Nic sound - good atmosphere.

1975-03-04   Dallas, TX   Dallas Convention Center   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Great sounding soundboard, but not such a great show.

1975-03-05   Dallas, TX   Memorial Auditorium   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG   1st Gen Cass > CDR   Print Label

1975-03-10   San Diego, CA   Sports Arena   AUD   CD   3 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: "Symphony in a Thousand Parts" - TDOLZ

1975-03-11   Long Beach, CA   Civic Arena   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Truly excellent sounding audience recording, though it has a lot of tape hiss.

1975-03-17   Seattle, WA   Seattle Center Coliseum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Seattle Won't You Listen" - TDOLZ

1975-03-27   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG   M > DAT > CDR   Print Label

1975-05-17   London, England   Earls Court   AUD   CD   4 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: From "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music" - Empress Valley 22CD Box Set.

1975-05-18   London, England   Earls Court   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: From "Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music" 22CD Box Set. This is the "acetate source."

1975-05-18   London, England   Earls Court   AUD   CD   4 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: From "Demand Unprecedented In The History of Rock Music" 22CD Box Set.

1975-05-24   London, England   Earls Court   SBD   CD   3 discs   VG+   Video?->CD   Print Label
         Comments: "Your Mother Wouldn't Like It." Possibly from the video soundtrack. Occasional speed fluctuations. 3 or 4 digital clicks during Kashmir.

1975-05-24   London, England   Earls Court   SBD   CD   4 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Odysseus"

1975-05-24   London, England   Earls Court   SBD   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Excellent sounding soundboard. One of the best sounding Zeppelin shows there is. The playing is sloppy at times, but it's still a really cool show. Going to California and the first bit of That's The Way is from a VG audience tape.

1975-05-25   London, England   Earls Court   SBD   CD   4 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Similar to the 5/24/75 SBD source in both sound quality and performance.

1975-07-28   Studio      Studio   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Toyota Interview. Incredibly silly interview program involving a spaceship and Toyota automobiles. Plant and Page are interviewed. From vinyl.

1976-08-01   Radio      Pro   CD   1 disc   F+      Print Label
         Comments: Interview and guest DJ w/ Robert. Lots of tape hiss.

1976-11-04   London, England   Radio   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Alan Freeman interviews JP. Some tape hiss.

1977-04-27   Cleveland, Ohio   Richfield Coliseum   SBD   CD   3 discs   E   M > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: M > DAT > CD-R with missing bits filled in from Antrabata's Final Statements. Excellent sound.

1977-05-26   Landover, MD   Capitol Center   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Bringing The House Down" - Empress Valley

1977-06-21   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Listen To This Eddie" - Silver Rarities. Killer show and absolutely stunning audience recording. Three tracks are out of order to make it fit on three discs.

1977-06-23   Los Angeles, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Combination of best available sources.

1977-06-25   Inglewood, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Bursting Night - TDOLZ"

1977-06-27   Los Angeles, CA   Great Western Forum   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "The Legendary End."

1977-07-23   Oakland, CA   Alameda County Coliseum   AUD   CD   3 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: "It's Been Great" - Image Quality

1979-08-04   Stevange, England   Knebworth   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG-   MCass > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Sounds very clear and the audience is generally quiet, but when they talk, you can really hear them. There's a weird cut in the middle of Kashmir. Source: AUD > MCass > AurealVortex2 > CoolEdit 2k > SHN >CDWave > SHN; Location: FOB @ Slightly right of Center, ~100 yards back; Taper: "S.T" (Name withheld by request). Notes (By Saitoh): This is a new source which the taper had considered sub-par (myself and one other who listened to it dont think so, but hey, to each their own) and never bothered to tell anyone or circulate it up until June of 2002. The tape is complete minus ~10 second cuts every ~47:30 for the tape flips. It was my understanding over the course of various emails that he wanted his name withheld as he is still an active taper but thats just what I gained from the conversation. Hope everyone enjoys this as much as I have, and that we all learn a lesson from this and circulate all tapes, not just the best ones.

1979-08-11   Stevenage, England   Knebworth Park   SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: One of the best sounding Zeppelin shows you'll ever hear, and one of the worst played. Jimmy is absolutely awful.

1979-08-12   England   Knebworth   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Interview with Pland and Jones after Knebworth with JJ Jackson.

1980-06-20   Brussels, Belgium   Voorst Nationaal   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Liberated Led."

1980-06-21   Rotterdam, Netherlands   Ahoyhallen   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label

1980-06-24   Hannover, Germany   Messehalle   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Gracias" - Antrabata

1980-06-29   Zurich, Switzerland   Hallenstadion   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: The best 1980 show. Excellent sound.

1980-07-07   Berlin, Germany   Eissporthalle   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Last Led Zeppelin show ever. "Complete Berlin" - Silver Rarities

Legion Of Mary

1975-05-21   Berkeley, CA   Keystone Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

Lennon, John

1901-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "The Dream Is Over"

Mahavishnu Orchestra

1901-01-01   Boston, MA   New York, NY   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Bird To Boston" * = Boston 1972 - SBD, + = New York 1973 - FM

1972-03-27   Los Angeles, CA   Whiskey Au Go-Go   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Players: John McLaughlin, Jerry Goodman, Jan Hammer, Billy Cobham, Rick Laird

1973-09-19   Tokyo, Japan   Shibuyakokaido   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Between Failure & Frustration" - Private Masters

Marley, Bob And The Wailers

1973-10-31   Sausalito, CA   The Record Plant   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound.

1975-06-10   Chicago, IL   Quiet Night Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: featuring Lee Jaffe on harmonica

1975-07-03   San Francisco, CA   The Boarding House   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1978-04-22   Kingston, Jamaica   National Stadium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: One Love Peace Concert. Extremely energetic show. This show was soon after Bob was shot, and he's absolutely on fire. A must.

1980-01-05   Libreville, Gabon   Gymnase Omnisport   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Possibly from 1979 Oakland show.

1980-06-27   Milan, Italy   Stadio San Siro   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label

1980-09-23   Pittsburgh, PA   Stanley Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Bob's last show. Source:SBD>?>DAT>Delta DiO 2496>Soundforge 4.5>CDWave>SHN


1901-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Unplugged!" 1-8: Bridge Benefit, Mountain View, CA 10/19/97 9: Virgin FM London Studios, 11/99 10: London, 11/99 11: London, 11/96 12: Alexander Palace London 11/96

1982-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "No Life Till Leather." Early demo tape.

1982-01-01   Studio   Sort Of   SBD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label
         Comments: "Bay Area Thrashers" From Vinyl? Apparently this is just the No Life Till Leather demos with crowd noise added and spoken stuff from Cliff 'Em All. Bootleggers suck.

1982-10-18   San Francisco, CA   Old Waldorf   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: With Dave and Ron. From vinyl?

1982-11-29   San Francisco, CA   The Old Waldorf   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label
         Comments: From vinyl - audible crackles. Pretty clear. Good atmoshphere.

1983-07-29   Younkers, NY      AUD   CD   1 disc   G-      Print Label

1984-11-18   Paris, France      AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: Has some sort of ticks, but they sound pretty low like it was on the original tape or something.

1984-12-12   Stockholm, Sweden   Gota Lejon   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: According to the setlist at, this is not complete and also out of order.

1985-03-15   San Francisco, CA      SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Demonic Invocation"

1986-11-08   Stuttgart      AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Live In Stuttgart" Jason's first gig.

1986-12-13   Winnipeg, Manitoba   Playhouse Theatre   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label

1987-02-13   Gothenburg, Sweden      SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "All Things Must Come to An End"

1987-02-13   Gothenburg, Sweden   Frolundaburg   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Tower Of Strength"

1989-02-03   Austin, TX      SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Texas 89"

1989-03-29   Providence, RI   Civic Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Not complete show.

1993-06-05   England   Milton Keynes   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Tearing Your Insides Out"

1993-06-20   Basel, Switzerland      SBD   CD   3 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound, but my copy has lots of ticks and I'm trying to replace it. Not tradable at the moment.

1996-11-16   Stockholm, Sweden   Globe Arena   AUD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Awesome sound.

1997-08-23   Stuttgart, Germany      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Stuttgart 97" Awesome sound.

2000-07-14   San Francisco, CA      SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: MP3 sourced? Sounds somewhat "digital" but still very clear.


1901-01-01   See comments      SBD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: Comments from the guy I got it from: "Celebrities at their WORST! This is a collection of concerts, demo tapes, and recording sesions where things went terribly WRONG. Some of the people on this are well known, others arent, but it's all obnoxiously funny. Hear Linda McCartney wailing horribly off-key, Orson Welles having a temper tantrum, a very drunk Frank Sinatra, and many others. Also contains the infamous Troggs tapes from the '60's."

Old And In The Gray

2002-05-24   Asbury, NJ   Stone Pony   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Set 2 only.

Old And In The Way

1973-01-01   ?   ?   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Two discs containing two seperate rehearsal sessions on two unknown dates in 1973.

1973-03-02   Sausalito, CA   The Record Plant   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   FM MSR>R>D>CD   Print Label
         Comments: Radio show broadcasted on KSAN-San Francisco.

1973-04-21   Sausalito, CA   The Record Plant   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: From The is the complete radio show, though just the last few seconds of Going To The Races appears on the tape before a radio announcement. Before Wild Horses the announcer says that O&ITW will be "at the Lion's Share in San Anselmo, tonight." He also indicates that the beginning of Going To the Races, the first song, wasn't broadcast due to technical difficulties.

1973-07-21   San Anselmo, CA   The Lion Share   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: From This was a rehearsal session in a back room at The Lion Share. (1) contains one false start. (2) contains many false starts. Hobo Song is after Midnight Moonlight on some tapes.

1973-07-24   Palo Alto, CA   Homer's Warehouse   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: From It appears as if this was the complete show. Asleep at the Wheel opened. FM Broadcast KZSU Palo Alto.

1973-09-30   Stinson Beach, CA   Community Center   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   MReel > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Very nice audience recording.

1973-11-04   Cotati, CA   California State College Sonoma   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: (1) with Ramblin' Jack Elliot on lead vocals. The college is known today as Sonoma State University, but at the time of the concert it was known as California State College Sonoma. The beginning of Going To The Races is cut.


2000-05-04   New Orleans, LA   Saenger Theatre   AUD   CD   2 discs   E-   DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: There seem to be two sources for this show. I don't know which mine is. It sounds damn good though. Amazing show.

2000-05-04   New Orleans, LA   Saenger Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   SBD>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: SBD>dat>rme96/8>cdwav>mkw>shn

2001-11-10   Lowell, MA   Tsongas Arena   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Has some pops at t3 5:56, t5 3:55, and 9:02, but these were on the original SHNs. FOB DFC, 45' from stage, @ 6'0", Schoeps mk4 > Schoeps cmc6 > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony SBM-1 > D8 @ 48kHz; D8 -> Sony DA-POC12P Optical Cable -> Dio 2448 -> Samplitude 2496 -> CDWave -> shn v3 (all Audio Magic cables), Recorded, transfered, and encoded by grizzly

Page / Plant

1995-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   6 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "No Quarter World Tour Highlights" - Right Stuff. Excellent SBD sources of various Page/Plant shows.

1996-02-17   Nagoya, Japan      SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Shachihoko Breaker." Amazing sound. Awesome Tea For One.

Page, Jimmy and Aerosmith

1990-08-20   London, England   Marquee   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: Actually, only the last 5 tracks feature Jimmy. The rest is a complete excellent sounding Aerosmith audience recording from 7/23/01 Fiddlers Green, Denver, CO.

Page, Jimmy and The Black Crowes

2000-06-24   Tinley Park, IL   World Music Theater   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT>CD-R   Print Label

2000-06-28   Post-Gazette Pavilion   Star Lake, PA   AUD   CD   2 discs   E-   MD>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Recorded using Sound Professionals Audio-Technica Hypercardiod mics into a Sony MZ-R30 Minidisc recorder. Great sound.

2000-07-10   Long Island, NY   Jones Beach Arena   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label

Phil Ochs

1966-10-22   Montreal, Quebec, Canada      SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label

1970-03-27   New York, NY   Carnegie Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: 2 CDs of incoherent leftist crap. This is apparently a famous show because he wore a gold suit. And on top of that, he puts down Johnny Cash!

Pink Floyd

1966-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   VG+   Vinyl > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: Psychedelic Games for May (snap-01) LP > AR ES-1 Modified Turntable . Shure V15 Type III Cartridge > Modified Dynaco PAS-II RIAA Tube Pre-Amp > Canare Cable > SBM-1 @ 48khz > D7 > Archive DDS Transfer > 48khz .wav > 48khz SHN Original Sources used to make LP: 66/67 EMI Acetates (1,2,3,4), 27 Feb 67 Sound Techniques Studios, Chelsea, London (6,7), 67 BBC 'Look of the Week' Broadcast (7,8,9), July 67 Broadcast from Carlisle, Scotland (10,11), Oct 67 de Lane Lea Studios, London (12) , Aug 67 de Lane Lea Studios, London (13)

1969-09-17   Amsterdam, Netherlands   Concertgebow   Pro   CD   1 disc   E   FM>DAT/MD(M)>cdr   Print Label
         Comments: VPRO Broadcast.

1970-02-28   Leeds University   Refectory Hall   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Six Of One" - Harvested

1970-04-29   San Francisco, CA   Fillmore West   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Interstellar Fillmore"

1970-06-27   Shepton Mallet, UK   Bath Festival of Blues and Progressive Music   AUD   CD   1 disc   G-      Print Label

1970-09-16   London, England   Paris Theater   Pro   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Atom Heart Mother Goes On The Road" - Taken from both 16 Sep 1970, 12 Oct 71. This is one of my favorites. Just awesome.

1970-09-16   London, England   Paris Cinema   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Mooed Music" One of my favorites.

1970-09-26   Philadelphia, PA   The Electric Factory   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   low gen   Print Label

1970-10-17   San Rafael, CA   Pepperland Auditorium   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Best Of The Pepperland Tapes." Low gen.

1970-11-20   Montreaux, Switzerland   Montreaux Casino   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label

1971-05-15   Crystal Palace, London   Crystal Palace Bowl   AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label

1971-09-30   London, England   Paris Cinema   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Excellent sounding BBC broadcast. Great.

1971-09-30   London, England   Paris Cinema   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "One Of These Days." - The Swingin Pig

1972-01-20   Brighton, UK   The Dome   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: First time Dark Side was ever played, but cut halfway through due to technical problems. Disc also contains full Dark Side from the next night (1-21-72).

1972-01-20   Brighton, UK   The Dome   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "The Darkside Rehearsals" - Triangle Records

1972-02-17   London, England   Rainbow Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-   vinyl > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: Best Of Tour '72 (KDBO 1034) LP > AR ES-1 Modified Turntable . Shure V15 Type III Cartridge > Modified Dynaco PAS-II RIAA Tube Pre-Amp > Canare Cable > SBM-1 @ 48khz > D7 > Archive DDS Transfer > 48khz .wav > 48khz SHN

1972-03-07   Tokyo, Japan   Tokyo Taiikukan   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Very good audience recording.

1974-11-16   London, England   Wembley   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Brain Damage." Awesome sound and performance.

1975-06-18   Boston, MA   Boston Gardens   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Has a little tape hiss. Quit good for an audience tape.

1977-01-23   Dortmund, West Germany   Westfalenhalle   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+      Print Label
         Comments: "Animals Tour Debut" The first show of the 1977 In The Flesh World Tour.

1977-01-29   Berlin, Germany      SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Dark Side Of The Pig." Berlin 1/29/77 & Vienna 2/1/77

1977-05-09   Oakland, CA   Oakland Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "In The Flesh"

1977-05-09   Oakland, CA   Oakland Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Animal Instincts" - Harvested. Excellent audience recording and awesome performance. The last track was used on the Animals 8-track to make the music continuous. The solo however is not played by Dave Gilmour but by Snowy White.

1977-07-06   Montreal, Quebec, Canada   Olympic Stadium   AUD   CD   3 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: I've been told that this is the best performance from the tour. Roger has some altercations with audience members.

1979-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Under Construction." Wall Demos. Good sound, but a little tape hiss.

1980-02-28   New York   Nassau Coliseum   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   AUD>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Very clear sound, but not very dynamic.

Planet Earth Rock N Roll Orchestra

1970-01-01   San Francisco, CA   Wally Heider Recording Studios   Studio   CD   2 discs   E   M>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: "The Perro Tapes." Check out for a full description. Includes David Crosby, Jerry Garcia, Phil Lesh, Graham Nash, Michael Shrieve, Paul Kantner, Grace Slick, David Freiberg, Bill Kreutzmann, Mickey Hart, Neil Young, Jorma Kaukonen, Joni Mitchell, Laura Allan, Jack Casday, and Greg Rolie.

Plant, Robert and Strange Sensations

2001-04-27   Gothenburg, Sweden   Trädgår   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT deck > Supra ZAC optic cable > Marantz CDR630 professional stand alone burner

2001-04-29   Stockholm, Sweden   Orkus   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT-CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Sony DTC-ZE700 DAT deck > Supra ZAC optic cable > Marantz CDR630 professional stand alone burner

2001-05-01   Bergen, Norway   Ole Blues Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SAT>VHS>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: FM broadcast via DSS. DSS>VHS Master>DAT>CDR3>

2001-06-19   Warsaw, Poland   Gwardia Stadium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: DSS>Pioneer standalone CD burner via analog input. All sonic deficiencies are from the broadcast- left channel is slightly unbalanced (some level fluctuations) and some buzzing was present during quieter parts of the recording. Note- Correct running order of songs has been restored. The fast section at the end of "In The Mood" was originally broadcast separately BEFORE the song.

Porno For Pyros

1992-09-04   New Orleans, LA   Uno Soccer Field   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Also includes Ice Cube's set from 8/21/92. I won't bother to list the tracks. Faint digital ticks throughout. Skip it.

1993-12-11   Los Angeles, CA   KROQ Acoustic Christmas   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: 1-8 KROQ Acoustic Christmas, 9-12 LA 1/94. All one track.

1994-08-14   Saugerties, NY   Woodstock 94   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label


1990-11-20   Amsterdam, Holland   The Paradiso   AUD   CD   2 discs   Var      Print Label
         Comments: "Paradiso." 11/21/90 is froma radio broadcast and sounds great.

1991-01-01   ?   ?   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Also available elsewhere on my list on a disc with a '93 Primus SBD.

1992-03-20   San Jose, CA   San Jose University   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "Gone Fishing"

1993-01-01   Munich, Germany      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: From Frizzle Fry to the end is from a 1991 show. You can also get those tracks on the '91 Primus show along with Modeski, Martin, And Wood Filler.

1993-06-22   Mountainview, CA   Shoreline Amphitheater   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: 12/11/93 Los Angeles is "Bob Cock And The Yellow Sock", 6/22/93 Mountainview, CA - Shoreline Amphitheater

1993-07-13   Stanhope, NJ   Waterloo Village   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Lollapalooza Show

1995-07-19   Denver, CO   Red Rocks Amphitheater   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Red Rocks" Possibly mp3 sourced.

1997-06-30   Nuremberg, Germany   Roskilde Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: FM Broadcast.

1997-10-31   Detroit, MI   State Theatre   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label

1998-02-10   San Jose, CA   Event Center   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label

Priory of Brion (Robert Plant)

2000-07-01   Puistoblues   Jarvenpaa, Finland   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+   DAT master>DAT>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Lineage: DAT master (48 kHz) -> DAT (48 kHz) -> EQ -> CDR From FBO tree.

2000-10-19   Milton Keynes   Woughton Centre   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG   DAT>CD-R?   Print Label


2000-09-16   The Netherlands   Gofferpark - Nijmegen   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: FM Broadcast. NOT the complete show. It is however the complete version of the FM broadcast.

Rice, Tony

1975-06-18   Berryville, VA   Berryville Bluegrass Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

Richman, Jonathan

1972-01-01   Studio   and Live   Studio   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Songs of Remembrance" 1-4: Harvard Square Solo Demos, 5-7: Intermedia Demos '71, 8-9: Cale Demos '72, 10-12: Kim Fowley Demos '72, 13-18: Live '72


1975-05-15   Cleveland, Ohio   The Agora Ballroom   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: FM Broadcast, but a bit hissy.

1976-10-25   Seattle, WA   Paramount Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "By-Tor's Battle - Version 2.01"

1978-11-20   Tucson, AZ   Tucson Convention Center   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Every Soul A Battlefield"

1978-12-02   Detroit, MI   Cobo Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Buenas Nochas!  Motor City"

1979-05-24   Oslo, Norway   Chateau Neuf   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "A Passage to Oslo." Great sounding audience recording.

1979-05-28   Offenbach, Germany   Stadhalle   SBD   CD   2 discs   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Black Forest"

1979-06-04   Galeen, Netherlands   Pink Pop Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1980-02-11   St. Louis, MO   Kiel Auditorium   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "St. Louis '80 Remaster Edition" 2/11-2/13/80

1980-03-10   Inglewood, CA   The Forum   AUD   CD   2 discs   G+   2nd gen>CD-R   Print Label

1980-09-30   Allentown, PA   Allentown Fairgrounds   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Something Old, Something new." Spirit Of Radio suffers from some tape problems.

1981-03-01   Chicago, IL   International Amphitheater   AUD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Exit...  Stage Right" Extremely hot show and awesome audience recording.

1981-03-23   Toronto, Ontario   Maple Leaf Gardens   AUD   CD   2 discs   G      Print Label
         Comments: "Toronto's Last Stand" - Digital Reproductions

2002-07-04   Raleigh, NC   Alltel Pavilion   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+   mini disc > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Core Sound High End Binaurals > Sharp MT 877 MiniDisc Recorder > CDR

2002-07-19   Milwaukee, WI   Marcus Amphitheatre   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: "A Dry Kind Of Humid"


1969-01-01   San Francisco, CA   Avalon Ballroom   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   M > PCM > DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Not sure of the date, location or setlist. Sounds good though.

Simon And Garfunkel

1969-11-11   Oxford, OH   Miami University   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1970-01-01   Paris, France      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

Stevens, Cat

1971-06-08   Los Angeles, CA   KCET TV   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Some slight tape hiss, but very bright and clear.

1971-07-06   Tokyo, Japan      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1973-01-01   Boston, MA   Aquarius Theater   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label

Tenacious D

2001-07-27   Boston, MA   Avalon   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG-   DAT > CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Awesome show. Source: DAUD/FOB/DFC Schoeps mk4(110deg) > BR Box > SBM-1(Oade Mod) > M1 @44.1kHz, Conversion: R500 > Canare Coax > Digigram VXPocket > Soundforge 5.0 (Fade in/outs) > CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97 **No DAE or resampling at all**

2001-09-28   Winooski, VT   Higher Ground   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   SBD>DAT>CDR   Print Label
         Comments: Source: DSBD: SBD > SBM-1 > Oade Cable > D7 @44.1kHz, Conversion: R500 > Canare Coax > Sek'd Prodif Plus > Soundforge 5.0 (fade in/out) > CD Wave > mkwACT v0.97 **No DAE or resampling at all**

2001-10-07   St. Louis, MO   American Theater   SBD   CD   2 discs   E   Sbd > AD1000 > D8   Print Label
         Comments: Good show, good sound. Recorded @48k Conversion: Tascam DA-20 > RME 96/8 Pst > SF 5.0 > CD Wave > MKW Act(shn) edits: resampling and fades done with SF 5.0

2001-12-05   Columbus, OH   Value City Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Source: Audio Technica AT853 Cardiods -> BRBox @ 16Hz -> Sharp MD-MT15, Location: Center, 40' from stage, mics at shoulder height, Equipment: Sharp MD-MT15 -> PC Soundcard -> Cool Edit Pro (normalized @ 99%) -> SHN

2002-04-04   Austin, TX   Waterloo Park   AUD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Excellent sound. **The D opened up for String Cheese Incident and JB came on stage during their encore to sing a rocking rendition of Rush's Tom Sawyer, while KG did an interpretive dance. The final two tracks were added from a different source.

Van Halen

1984-08-25   Stockholm, Sweden      AUD   CD   2 Discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Van Halen Rapes Stockholm." Final track is from Castle Donnington, U.K. 8/18/84.

Vaughan, Stevie Ray

1901-01-01   Various   Various   SBD   CD   1 disc   Varies      Print Label
         Comments: "Unplugged & Jammin" 1-3: New Orleans, LA 2/88 w/ BB King and Albert Collins; 4-7: Berkeley Community Center, 10/85 Cowboys and Indians Benefit; 8: MTV 1988 w/Stevie Wonder, Jody Watley, and Salt & Peppa; 9: MTV 1990; 10-12: MTV Unplugged 1988; 13-15: Night Music 1989; 16: Houston Astrodome 1986

1978-01-01   Studio   Studio   Studio   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Tracks 1-10: Studio Recordings Recorded in Nashville, Tennessee at Jack Clemont's Belmont Studio, early 1978, Stevie Ray Vaughn: Vocals and Guita, Jack Newhouse: Bass, Chris Layton: Drums, Lou Ann Barton: Vocals, Tracks 11-17: Austin Blues Festival, 1979; Tracks 18-20: Piona's, October 1979 "The Legendary Lost First Stevie Ray Vaughn Album" "The one and only surviving test pressing was recently discovered in a cupboard in South Austin, Texas where it had lain for the last 19 years, all other recordings of the project have been destroyed after alleged contractual disputes arose. These recording, notable for their raw energy and rare slide guitar work are essential for all true collectors. Also featuring four early arrangements of songs that later appeared on the Texas Flood album. Due to the brevity of the Nashville '78 session the producers have added a live soundboard recording featuring Lou Ann Barton and three tracks featuring Johnni Reno on saxophone." Notes: The above paragraph is the supposed story behind this recording as told on the cd inlay. The real story is that the band didn't like the way the album turned out and paid a large sum of money to keep it from being released. As you would expect, someone got their hands on a copy and bootlegged it.

1979-11-22   Westerly, RI   The Knickerbocker Cafe   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: With Lou Ann Barton

1980-07-22   Norfolk, VA   Kings Head Inn   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Texas Flood" - Silver Rarities

1983-01-01   Montreal, Canada      SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1983-06-17   Morrison, CO   Red Rocks Amphitheatre   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1983-10-26   Reseda, CA   Reseda-Centry Club   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Reseda's Blues" Tracks 1-10: Reseda, 11-13: San Antonio, TX 2/1/87, 14: Milwaukee, WI 7/3/84

1984-08-25   Lorelei Festival, Germany   Rockpalast   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Live!"

1985-06-19   Denver, CO   Red Rocks Amphitheater   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Stilleto Rain"

1987-03-25   Daytona Beach, FL   The Ocean Center   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1987-03-25   Daytona Beach, FL   The Ocean Center   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "The Forgotten Show"

1989-11-28   Albuquerque, NM   Tingley Coliseum   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label

1989-11-29   Denver, CO   McNichols Arena   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Radio Broadcast. Albuquerque, 28nov89, & Denver, 29nov89 [Home Records, HR 5912-0] (1994) (75:58, 12 tracks) Tingley Coliseum - Albuquerque, NM (tracks 1-7) McNichols Arena, Denver, CO (tracks 8-12)

1990-08-25   Alpine Valley   East Troy, WI   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: From "Peace In The Valley"

1990-08-26   East Troy, WI   Alpine Valley Music Theatre   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: SRV died hours after this show. Includes jam with Jimmie Vaughan, Clapton, Cray, Guy on Sweet Home Chicago


1994-08-31   St. Louis, MO   and New York   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "American Holiday" bootleg. First set is SBD, second is VG- Aud.

1994-09-09   Minneapolis, MN      AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: "Rock Candy" bootleg.

1997-08-18   Germany   TV   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Great show. The filler is a VG aud source (Japanese?)

2000-08-28   Washington, D.C.   9:30 Club   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Fun show. Everyone sings along.

2001-03-17   San Francisco, CA   Bill Graham Civic Auditorium   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG   see comments   Print Label
         Comments: Schoeps mk4s > rmod box > sbm1 > m1

2002-02-17   Albany, NY   Pepsi Arena   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG   DAT > CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: Taper: Oysterhead , Source: AT853s (SP-CMC-8) > SPSB-2 (@16Hz) > Sony TCD-D8, Location: Mics at soundboard, approx 7' off the ground., Transfer: Sony TCD-D8 > Sony RM-DK3 > Toslink > Dio 2448, Encoding: Dio 2448 > SoundForge > WAV > CDWAV > MKWACT > SHN

White Stripes

1998-07-11   Detroit, MI   4th Street Fair   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Probably an audience, but it's from on or right near the stage and almost sounds professional. The earliest known Stripes show, I think. Meg's drumming is pretty primative.

2001-07-06   Chicago, IL   The Empty Bottle   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label

2001-07-25   London, England   Maida Vale Studios   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Candy Stripes" - Fallen Angel Records

2001-08-16   New York, NY   Pier 54   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: Has kind of a swirling sound in the top end. MP3 sourced? Possibly.

2001-09-12   Oklahoma City, OK   Green Door   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label

2001-09-14   Houston, TX   Rudyard's   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: "Lone Star Blues" - Fallen Angel Records. KILLER SHOW. This was the first Stripes I ever heard and now I'm hooked. Hear that all you non-taper-friendly bands?

2001-11-09   La Cigale, France   Incoruptibles Festival   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label

2001-12-06   London, England   The Forum   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Missing 3 songs. There is a more complete version circulating. Great show and great sound.

2002-01-30   Melbourne, Australia   RRR   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG      Print Label

2002-03-06   Strasbourg, France   La Laiterie   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Great audience recording.

2002-03-12   Stockholm, Sweden   Berns   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label

2002-04-04   Providence, RI   Lupo's Heartbreak Hotel   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Great audience recording.

2002-07-13   Minneapolis, MN   First Avenue   AUD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: Good sounding audience recording.

2002-08-08   Pontiac, MI   Clutch Cargo's   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: A little swirly sounding. Could maybe be MP3, but it was recorded on MD, so it could be that. Damn Stripes lovin' kids and their MP3s.

2002-08-09   Detroit, MI   Chene Park   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label

2002-08-15   New York, NY   Radio City Music Hall   AUD   CD   1 disc   G+      Print Label

2002-08-23      Reading Festival   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   FM > CD-R   Print Label

2003-04-11   London, England   Brixton Academy   SBD   CD   1 disc   E   PreFM>CD-R   Print Label
         Comments: DSBD PreFM Radio Broadcast->Digital cable -> wav -> shn -> CDR

Who, The

1969-08-16   White Lake, NY   Woodstock Festival   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "The Violent Side"


1968-03-30   New York, NY   Anderson Theater   Pro   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Live Yardbirds Featuring Jimmy Page"

Young, Neil

1970-02-25   Cincinnati, OH   Music Hall   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: with Danny Whitten and Jack Nietzke

1970-12-05   New York, NY   Carnegie Hall   AUD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label

1971-02-23   London, England   BBC Studios   Studio   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: "Broken Arrow." Has some tape hiss (on original?).

1976-01-01   Unknown      SBD   CD   1 disc   VG-      Print Label
         Comments: "Acoustic Tales" Autumn '76. A little bit muffled.

Zappa, Frank

1970-06-18   Uddel, Netherlands   VPRO Television   Pro   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Live at the "Piknik" show, VPRO, Dutch Television.

1973-06-24   Sydney, Australia   Horden Pavilion   SBD   CD   2 discs   E-      Print Label
         Comments: There are some small sound fluctuations in a few places. One loud glitch and a couple of skips. Great show, but my version isn't perfect.

1973-08-21   Stockholm, Sweden   Skansen   SBD   CD   1 disc   E-      Print Label
         Comments: FM Broadcast.

1973-10-26   Austin, TX   Armadillo World Headquarters   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label

1974-08-07   Los Angeles, CA   Culver City   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Recorded at the KCET-TV studio in Los Angeles for the 'A Token Of My Extreme' TV-show. AWESOME.

1975-10-01   Vancouver, BC   War Memorial Gym   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: FM broadcast (hissy) through Zoot Allures, and then an aud tape.

1976-02-03   Kosei-Neinkin-Kaikan   Osaka, Japan   AUD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Parts of Black Napkins on Zoot Allures. Zoot Allures is on YCDTOSA #3, Ship Ahoy solo on SUNPYG. Great show.

1977-10-31   New York, NY   Palladium   SBD   CD   1 disc   VG+      Print Label
         Comments: Tryin' To Grow A Chin is on YCDTOSA6. Broadcast on King Biscuit Flower Hour. Actually a best of Halloween 77 run.

1978-08-16   Los Angeles, CA   Culver City   SBD   CD   2 discs   VG      Print Label
         Comments: Tracks 1-10 & 13-21 are rehearsals from Culver City 16-Aug-1978. Tracks 11-13 live in Neunkirchen am Brand 25-feb-1978.

1980-07-03   Munich, Germany   Olympiahalle   SBD   CD   1 disc   E      Print Label
         Comments: Broadcast on King Biscuit Flower Hour. Parts come from previous shows. You Didn't Try To Call Me is from YCDTOSA 1.

687 shows and 1183 discs found.